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Guidelines For Tourists

Guidelines For Tourists

Guidelines Tourists

Guidelines for Tourists

Whenever you visit some place, you might face the Police sometimes. It is not against the respect but for the safety. So, remember to follow the instructions so that you do not face any difficulty.

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Make sure; you are carrying your wallet in you side trouser pocket or inside pocket of a jacket. Do not keep it in your rear pocket.


Carry cash or credit cards in your pockets. For bags, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Maintain the bags in the bend of your elbow, keeping it close to the body.
  • When dining out, hold it in your lap rather than hanging in over the back of the chair.
  • Prefer not to place your pocketbooks on hooks on the back of a bathroom door / fitting room.
  • Make sure; you do not put it anywhere that is easily reachable for others.

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Valuable Stuff

Leave you important and relevant papers, things like passports and jewelry in your hotel’s room – secured in your deposit box so that you may not lose it.

Large Amount Of Cash

Make sure, you do not carry a huge amount of cash on your person or leave it or any valuable stuff unattended in your hotel room.

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Unexpected Person

Do not open doors to any unsolicited room service or maintenance people. Make sure you confirm it from the front desk if you have any doubts.

Meetings In The Public Places

Before you arrange a session with the potential client, make sure about him and his company information to be on the safer side. In every situation, organize your meetings in public places such as restaurants with the people you want to meet.

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Expensive Items

Safe Travel

Never leave your luggage or any expensive stuff unattended or with unknown at airports or taxi stands. Make sure; you give your luggage to the member of the bell staff of a hotel.


If you are confused or lost, contact “May I help you” available in “Arrival Hall” at the airport for aid and counseling.

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Prepaid Taxi Booth for hired transportation is preferable for traveling in the locality as the Police govern it. This system makes you pay your Taxi Fare before you travel which is already approved by the Authorities.

Helping The Police

Safe Travel

If you find any activity or something doubtful around, contact the adequate number of police officers who are deputed in proper uniform at different places of the airport or different location.

Police officers in plain clothing are also deputed to keep an eye on various activities so avoid helping them, or you might face the trouble.

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Stay And Tour

Follow these instructions:

  • Pre-plan your major details like destination regarding the visit and tour.
  • If you are not, never ask Taxi Drivers and local people in any case regarding the visit / tour.
  • Take information from “May I help you” counter, Police Officers or any other Govt. recognized information Centers.
  • Keep the emergency number with you of particular place you are visiting so that if you face any difficulty, you have the source to get out of it.

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