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Going Green – Top Seven Countries That Get It Right!

Going Green – Top Seven Countries That Get It Right!

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Whether you consider tourism as promoting natural areas to conserve the environment, to sustain the geometrical character of a place like saving its culture and heritage, visiting a place in order to make a positive impact on the situation or environment or doing this just for fun but traveling have never been more interested than in “going green”. Commonly defined as travel that benefits local communities, reduces negative social and environmental impacts, and helps local people to conserve weak cultures and denizens or species. Such responsible type of traveling is currently growing quite impressively, reducing the scope of typical “sun and sand” tourism. Going Green – Top Seven Countries That Get It Right is the very interesting topic, I hope you’ll get a lot of knowledge from this entire discussion.

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But what is it exactly that makes a travel destination sustainable? And which places are more worthy of consideration for this purpose, do you think? In order to answer these questions, we have put together world’s leading authorities on the subject.

Here is it what they dig out!

Cape Verde

Ethical Traveler and founder of this place: Jeff Greenwald calls this archipelago of Portuguese islands off the edge of West Africa “a model for political and civil rights.” Cape Verde recently hosted its first gay pride event, the second pride week ever to take place in an African nation. The previous year, the World Bank applauded Cape Verde for its hard work to spread out tourism while protecting its community and surroundings. The nation has also announced amazing renewable-energy goals, planning for 35 percent renewable use over the next two decades.

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Gwaii Haanas, British Columbia

Jonathan Tourtellot is tourism editor of National Geographic Traveler and prime of the Destination Stewardship Center. He says about Gwaii Haanas, “This Canadian treasure is an ideal partnership between an indigenous community and a federal government.” The Gwaii Haanas National Park and Haida Heritage Site form the southernmost tip of Haida Gwaii, which was formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. It’s waterlogged, isolated, and genuine.”

gwaii haanasIceland

Soraya Shattuck, the initiator of Sustainable Tourism Solutions, sings the praises of this permanent exploration travel hot spot for its importance on alternative energy. “With 80 percent of its total energy use being generated from renewable sources (hydro and geothermal), Iceland is dedicated to creating a culture of sustainable development. It monitors sustainable initiatives through a variety of strategies, including interests for the Future, the Nordic Strategy, and Agenda 21, which all try hard to measure performance next to specific triple-bottom-line key performance indicators.”

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This frozen state earned one of the maximum scores for environmental protection among Ethical Traveler’s 2014 Ethical Destinations winners. Lithuania also earned top marks for their political rights and civil liberties. The state reached its Millennium expansion target for the under-5 mortality price, which is along 52 percent since 2000. And it has inspiring women’s rights and gender equality laws, including the premium paid maternity to leave available in Europe. A woman can take paid maternity leave for two years.

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Monteverde, Costa Rica

Better identified for the loaded biological range of its cloud forests, this enormous region of Costa Rica gets crown from Dr. Martha Honey, Director of the Center for Responsible Travel. “Monteverde stands out as a place of quiet and natural beauty tangled with a vibrant and welcoming community,” says Honey. Travelers, businesses and NGOs came collectively to form the first-ever destination-wide Travelers generosity Program, which allows visitors to sustain environmentally and community/cultural projects all over the community from contributions collected at Monteverde’s hotels, restaurants, and shops.”


While numerous African nations delight themselves on offering absurd wildlife safaris, Soraya Shattuck praises Namibia for being the first African country to embrace defense of the environment in its constitution. Partnerships with associations like WWF have occupied more than 250,000 community members, created 64 mutual conservancies, and protected 35 million acres of wildlife territory. As a result, not only has the wildlife got help from the protection, but human benefits have also been improved.

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Northeast Kingdom, Vermont

Located in the northeast spot of the Green Mountain State, the Northeast Kingdom has been named among the world’s most pleasing destinations in both National Geographic and Patricia Schultz’s book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die“. Martha Honey proposes that this is because the region has cuddled the concept of tourism, offering the excess of contained experiences for visitors to enjoy, including chances at many area farms. Carefully avoiding mass tourism, the area has been able to build up its tradition and create tourism based on society, small businesses, and stewardship of their plentiful natural assets.”

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