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Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes


Gestational diabetes affects the pregnant women. At least 2 or 10 percent women develop gestation diabetes. In Gestational diabetes your blood sugar level rise too high because your pancreas in not producing enough insulin. As your body is not producing enough insulin, the glucose remains in your blood, and your sugar level rises too high. It affects you, your pregnancy and the health of your baby.

After delivery, your blood sugar will be normal as before pregnancy, but you are at high risk of getting type 2 diabetes. You should consult your doctor and test your blood sugar level continuously after delivery.

Pain in Pregnancy

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Causes of gestational diabetes

  • You have the history of gestational diabetes.
  • You have delivered baby that has 9 pounds of weight
  • Your weight is too much or obsesses.
  • You have a person with type 2 diabetes in your family.
  • Your age is over 35.
  • You are used to be the bad diet like junk food and plant base fat.

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Is gestational harmful to your baby?

If you have gestational diabetes, then you should be careful about your diet and maintain a good healthy lifestyle. Do some exercise on daily bases. If you control you blood sugar level, then your baby is safe, and you will deliver your baby safely. But if you are careless about the blood sugar level then your infant will also affect. Your baby will be at high risk of getting diabetes.

Will I have diabetes after delivery?

Pregnancy Before Missed Period

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Well, when you will deliver your baby then your body returns to normal, and production of insulin is according to the requirements of the body. But you have to be careful about your diet and change your lifestyle because you can get type 2 diabetes in future. If you maintain your lifestyle as a healthy person, then you will be free from diabetes.

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I have told you about gestational diabetes that is very harmful to and your baby. Follow good eating habits and be careful about yourself. Thank you.

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