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Gestational Diabetes Diet

Gestational Diabetes Diet

You can control gestational diabetes t with healthy food items and choosing healthy life style. If you are careful about your diet and lifestyle then you don’t need any medicine.

If you have gestational diabetes, then you can control it with healthy food items and choose a healthy lifestyle. If you are careful about your diet and lifestyle, then you don’t need any medicine.

If you have the problem of gestational diabetes, then the main problem is that your body is not producing enough insulin and, as a result, the blood sugar level rise too high. Now I will tell you about gestational diabetes diet that which type of diet will control your blood sugar level.

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Healthy gestational diabetes diet plan

It proves that healthy foods are divided into five groups that are

If you maintain a healthy eating during your pregnancy, then you have to choose foods from all these group and

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What type of carbohydrate is necessary for you?

  • Every food has the glycemic index (GI) which tell us how fast it turns into glucose. All kinds of sugar broken down and turn into glucose but some carbohydrate is broken down slowly and some broken down quickly. You have to choose food that given out slowly.
  • Food with low GI will digest slowly, and your blood sugar level remain control
  • Food with high GI will absorb quickly and your blood sugar level will high

So it is proved that you have to choose food with low GI like beans, lentil, apple, orange, pear, porridge, wheat flour, oatmeal, etc

You have to avoid high GI foods like white rice, bread, soft drink, energy drinks, cakes, cookies, etc.

Food Items

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Choose food that is full of fiber and protein so it will take time to digest and your blood sugar level remain control like


  • Take fruits and vegetable salad, milk, sandwich that was made of chicken and fruits
  • Try to use green vegetable in your meal like kale and broccoli
  • Bring beans salad, fruit salad and vegetables in your snacks.

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Try to add fish, oatmeal in your dinner

You have to choose at least 4 to 6meal portion whole day. With this healthy diet, you have to do some physical activates like swimming, running and walking. You will control your gestational diabetes instantly without any medicine.

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I have said about gestational diabetes diet if you follow then you can control your blood sugar level easily. If you follow these tips, then share your experience with us. Thank you.

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