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Gardening Trends of 2016

Gardening Trends of 2016

Gardening Trends

If you are a gardener, you’ll want to complement your hobby, every once in a while, with new and exciting ideas. Garden design trends help us come up with fun DIY projects that will make our yards look modern, beautiful and refreshed. Without being aware of these gardening trends, however, the proper front or backyard makeover cannot commence, so here’s what’s popular in 2016 when it comes to garden design.

Grass Tiles

Outdoor grids are extremely popular at the moment. Combining concrete, grass and a variety of other optional plants into grassy rectangles divided by concrete or stone is a great way of modernizing your yard. For example, filling the rectangular spaces in between the artificial “paths” with elfin thyme is a magnificent idea to get you started – it can take foot traffic, and its purple blossoms look really great. Grass tiles will additionally make your garden space look somewhat larger!

Stone Tiles

On the subject of tiles, let’s address those made of stone. Bird baths have already made their big return, so installing them is definitely a trendy thing to do. However, outright placing a bird bath in the middle of your completely natural and green garden might not play that well unless it is made out of wood. Stone tiles can provide a perfect element for your garden to match that bird bath. In fact, they will make your garden look larger and will provide some space for you to thread on, without compromising the health of your plants.

Make It Edible

Hometwon Vegetable

When it comes to food, nothing is better than eating homegrown! How impressive would it be if you could get your homegrown ingredients from your actual home? Container gardens, for example, do not require extensive care and are perfectly capable of looking luscious and generally gorgeous; fruits, vegetables and herbs in general add color and texture to landscapes and your garden is no exception. Kill two birds with one rock by making your garden actually edible.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Backyard Garden

Only a clean backyard will be a beautiful garden. Winter months will make you lazy, and at some point, you’ll forget to keep the backyard neat. Soon, much clutter will pile up, and you’ll have a junkyard instead of a gorgeous backyard. Call end of lease cleaning to help you get things in order and prepare the outdoors for the redecoration. Once all the junk is removed, you’ll be able to think where you could put garden furniture, a barbecue, and children’s toys.

Go Eco-Friendly

Being environmentally aware has been the name of the game for already a decade and gardeners should always follow suit. When you consider about it, someone who doesn’t love flora can hardly be a gardener, let alone a good one. This is why you should always go with natural compost and avoid using pesticides and herbicides. Take care of those slimy slugs with your hands (if you don’t like getting your hands dirty, then why are you even reading a gardening article?) and tear those weeds using your own strength. Install LED lights, which are energy-efficient, or solar- powered lighting if you have some extra money saved up. While the LEDs do cost more, they tend to pay off in the long run.

See Also

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you have an opportunity to spend your days outside, why not exercise this opportunity? Living in a place which gets a lot of sunlight means that you can make your yard an extension of your home. Think about supplying it with furniture and appliances, in addition to traditional decks and patios. Making landscape transformations this big, however, is best done with the help of professionals, so don’t refrain from contacting gardening services in order to make sure that your yard gets a quality makeover. Donate as much time as you can in the sun – it will do wonders for your health.

Create a Beautiful Garden

Create a Herb Garden at Home

A lavish garden with a small pond in the middle can be a great addition to your backyard. You can add some decorative ducks and flowers, and make it look like a real oasis. Again, you could use sturdy recycled rubber to create the borders. And determine which part of the backyard will be the focal point for the flowers and colorful plants. The mentioned gardening trends are likely to stay popular throughout, as well as beyond the current year. Tackle your garden makeover as a DIY project, but don’t be afraid of seeking advice from experts. And you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoor part of your home in no time.

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