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Most Awesome Free Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Most Awesome Free Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Educational apps for Preschoolers

Most of the parents are against and don’t like if their kids are using iPad, iPod or other devices. But I’m giving in mostly because I know that this is the way of the bright future and denying letting the kids spoil makes them poverty it even more. To the point where they are obsessive when they go get to play. I want to harness most awesome free educational apps for preschoolers.

Apps for preschoolers are the best technology as a tool for learning and teaching that open up a world of fun and possibilities for your kids. But how you can decide which are the best free apps for kids. I’m a person who has believed in actual life, and hands-on skills to help children study and grow. With the apps, you can teach the ABCs, 123s, Shapes, and Colors and much more to your kids. Always try to get that iPad game for kids which they use them is easy.

Free Educational Apps for Preschoolers

1- Reading Rainbow App

Reading Rainbow App Educational apps for Preschoolers

It is most downloaded educational apps. It is still crazy famous for good reason. By using this app, your kids can get access to multi-hundreds of high-quality educational books, head out on video field tours with longtime show host Lavar Burton, or discover themed islands such animal Kingdom.

Apart from this, parents can track how much time their child was spent on reading and learning with the books. Further, there is a tips section for parents to share with their children for help.

2- Learn With Homer App

Learn with Homer App Educational apps for Preschoolers

This app is free to download and accommodates up to three kids’ accounts. There are ample things that your kids do in the 30 lessons. Learn to read app for the 3-to-6-year-old kids get fun and educational information with its attractive features, fun drawings, favorite songs, and sweet stories.

This app designed by master specialists, the engaging, well-thought-out app also includes Common Core skill standards. In this app, you will find more traditional phonics exercises and lessons, but it is the glass of interactivity that most people like. The iPad game for kids where your children record own voice about what they have learning with Homer.

3- Leo’s Pad App

Leo's Pad Educational apps for Preschoolers

Leo’s Pad is the most intelligent, real, and engaging app that is best for students aged 6-13. Basically, this is one of the free educational apps for kids those have a series of episodes.

This means the act in the story occasionally stops so that user can get complicated and paly the game’s fixed in the story. This feature makes Leo’s Pad feel entirely fresh and somewhat innovative.  The go-ahead graphics instantly pull you in, and the smart storytelling preserves you there, absorbed. Parents also have access to check your kids’ improvement, in reading, math, art, creativity, and reasoning that they are emerging from playing the app.

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4- PBSKids

PBSKids Educational apps for Preschoolers

Almost every kid love to play PBSKids. It is free and has no ads and also has a lot of characters most children know. They enjoy its massive amounts of content. Its educational entertainment ratio is very high. Kids might learn a few concepts or facts, but it is not always a good use of their time. PBSKids also have PBS Parents app, which offers interactive educational activities for preschoolers to do something with their parents.

5- Scratch and Scratch Jr

Scratch Jr Educational apps for Preschoolers

Scratch is the last and best educational app for preschoolers’ students on our list. It is free online tool and app made by MIT to support the kids learns software design. Scratch Jr is an iPad game for kids and also designed for ages 5-7.

It is the well-monitored app for kids, and I have never seen before any inappropriate content. In the beginning, most kids start just playing other people games and then looking how they built it. Before long, your kids will be software design, too.

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