Daughter of President Donald Trump’s Ivanka Trump has been with her father’s flank as he acquired office, joining him on a stopover to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. And a tour of the Boeing plant in South Carolina, amid other trips. But, according to Monday’s statement she will have her own seat in the White House, also have a bureau in the West Wing in addition to other promotions.

She has acknowledged as much, according to Monday’s statement:

“While there is no modern precedent for an adult child of the president. I will voluntarily follow all of the ethics rules placed on government employees.”

The 35-year old Ivanka Trump is being given a West Wing office, improved security approval and an administration-issued message device were seeing with shockwave by some specialists. Anita McBride said:

“There is no precedent for this. I do not have any knowledge of a similar arrangement of an individual with no formal title with an office and clearance. But like many things in the administration, they are breaking new ground,”

A professor at Washington University, an ethics expert, and Kathleen Clark described the arrangement as “outrageous.”

The latest message is a sign of Ivanka Trump’s developing connection in the government. She is no foreigner to the White House. She has been present-day for family events – like the different appointment festivities as well as closed-door conferences and sit-downs with foreign leaders.

Last month (February) she met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House. They also part of the roundtable meeting on female entrepreneurs and where she met Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Apart from this, she met German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she visited White House last week.

The involvement of Ivanka Trump in roundtable meeting could be attributed to her business contextual at her namesake fashion tag and her father Donald Trump’s real estate empire. McBride told ABC News

“As far as [Ivanka Trump’s] impact thus far, she has had time to observe and learn the way the White House works and has identified where she can make the most difference and use her convening authority and have influence on issues that not only she cares about but that she has encouraged her father to focus on as well.”

“[Donald Trump] apparently wants her to be more involved in those areas, and that sends a signal to the administration that the president cares about it too — which is the criteria most important to any impact and success she will have as the government moves forward.”

One thing clears the latest statement barred is a formal title. But, after attending and involving in the meeting, she has no legal title like her husband, who is the senior advisor in President House.

Roberts, who has written a lot of books on women who are in the development of the US. And said according to previous administrations, Ivanka Trump is not the first lady daughter to play a role in her father’s government. But her role may be the major yet. Roberts mentioned President James Monroe’s Daughter Eliza and Said about her:

“She was the first lady, and she totally irritated everyone in town.”

Further, he said:

“I can’t think of any other time that a White House daughter did this.”

Roberts said about Ivanka Trump.”

“She has been first daughters who have played East Wing Roles.”