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Finger Fish

Finger Fish

Finger Fish Recipe

Today, I came with a tasty finger fish recipe. It is very delicious and tasty fast food recipe, I hope you’ll enjoy it and will try it at home. To try this recipe there are are two different options to choose fish. First, you can buy a fish without scales, this type of fish everyone would like because no one wants to grab scales from fish, and the second option is only to buy any fish which easily available in the market.

Time for marinating: 2 Hours
Time for Cook: Half hour
Enough for 7 people

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  • Mackerel Fish: ½ kg, made fingers takes to get clean
  • Vinegar: one tablespoon
  • Lemon: two tsp
  • Black Pepper: one teaspoon ground
  • Eggs: two tsp
  • Breadcrumb: 3 cup
  • Salt: ½ tablespoon
  • Oil: 2 cup

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First of all, wash entire fish with salt and garlic paste, then apply vinegar, salt and lemon juice on the fish and leave to marinate everything inside of fish for two hours.

Finger Fish Pieces

Now whipped eggs into a bowl and mix black pepper in eggs.

Dip Fish in Egg

Dip a piece of fish in egg and then dip this fish in breadcrumb

Fish dip in bread crumbs

Now cook in hot oil until this fish becomes light deep fried. Make certain fish should be dip about one inch in oil.

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Dip fish in oil to cook

Your tasty finger fish is ready for eating, and you can serve this fish with garnished salad on it.

Finger Fish

I hope you’ll like this recipe and give me a feedback what you did with finger fish 🙂

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