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Find The Bag for Your Personality

Find The Bag for Your Personality

It is said that the relationship between women and their bags can be complicated. To women, a bag is an essential accessory as it defines her style, distinguishes her from others, completes her outfit and helps carry her whole world. These are the reasons why there are so many bag designs, made with the various material, all with different function and format.

With just a short walk down the street, you will notice different women with bags of various styles. Look carefully and you will note that the bag they carry reveals a lot about a woman’s personality.

So what bag do you carry? Let’s explore some types of bags and see if they match your personality.


Personality: Practical, prepared, good sense of style


Practicality is so your thing. Totes, usually of medium to large size, is a fave when you want to carry multiple items all at once but still look stylish. Women who prefer totes over other types of bags are practical and prepared for anything, which is why they need a big bag to carry more than a mobile phone and lip gloss (you know who you are). You choose things based on how functional they are, yet you don’t let your sense of functionality get ahead of your fashion sense. Also, you tend to be a planner and don’t like to get stuck without something you might need. Practical you will not be able to resist the collection of totes by Kate Spade and Elle, which are practical yet trendy, offering enough room for all your must-haves.

Clutch Bag

Personality: Elegant, chic, minimalist

Best Leather Handbag in Royal Blue color

Minimalist and compact, a clutch is a type of small bag which still allows a woman to carry her essentials plus look composed and polished. Women who like clutches are simple and prefer to take less for her day-to-day activities. Small and compact, it is a chic type of bag which shows that you like things simple and clean but don’t have so much on your plate that you need to be hands-free. Holding a clutch makes you feel empowered. Clutch-loving women can go from a full day at work to a hot date any minute. You are a woman who knows what you want out of your bag, don’t like clutter and don’t necessarily need to carry your world with you at all times. If a clutch is your thing, then collections from Coach or Fossil would reflect your personality wonderfully.

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Personality: Free-spirited, adventurous, creative


You are breezy, super active and love to travel. Always on the move, a backpack would be your go-to with its large and sectioned compartments, enabling you to organize your things. It is also a low-maintenance, comfortable and easy to lug around, making it just the bag for adventures – all reflecting your personality. You are carefree, easy-going, and living the moment with your backpack. A sleek bag from Herschel Supply Co. would be your perfect partner on your many adventures!

Sling Bag

Personality: Party time, fun-loving, just a little girly

Mini handbags

A sling bag lover? It shows you are a party person. This type of bag is similar to a clutch (as it is compact) but made easier to carry with its straps, which are often metallic. A sling bag lets you have just enough space to carry your phone, wallet, and keys for a night out without worrying about losing them. A cross-body style, like those by Furla, are stylishly fun and allows you to do a bunch of things without your bag getting in the way.

Great also for daily use, your sling bag tells us that you are a fun-loving person with a taste for excitement, with a penchant for having things handy and always ready for those spur-of-the-moment adventures. You may not be a very girly girl, but sometimes you don’t mind being one.

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Duffel Bag

Personality: Sporty, fit, always on the go

Beautiful girl with bag

Spacious, low maintenance, and easy to carry, a duffel bag is a favorite bag for many athletes and fitness buffs. With its large compartments and comfortable shape, you can easily carry all your things in one go, making it a great bag for people who are always active and ready for an adventure. You are physically in touch with yourself, often hitting the gym regularly or playing sports. With duffel bags from LeSportsac and Nike, lugging around all your sports gear and change of clothes are no longer a pain. You don’t care if it’s a fashion statement, as long as it caters to your healthy active lifestyle.


Personality: Sophisticated and classy, great sense of self-image

Awesome Ladies Hand Bags Collection

For those of you who prefer a bag, it’s more of an accessory than a necessity. It shows off your sophisticated and classy side. A bag also shows how comfortable you are in your skin. You’re independent and fashionable. Having the arm-carry bag fit perfectly in the crook of your arm may put out a slightly sassy attitude, but it’s because you’re confident. A woman of poise and power, you can complete the day’s tasks and sail through an evening of relaxed sophistication. You can easily spend hours looking through trendy Prada and Chanel handbags just to match every aspect of who you are.

It takes a lot of thought for a woman to buy a bag for herself and more believed to decide which bag to take for which occasion or pair with which outfit. According to a survey from iprice, more than 82% of women have more than one bag to choose from for any occasion. Whether she prefers a functional tote or a carefree backpack or a classy handbag, she exudes a style statement that is truly hers and hers alone.

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