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Fashionable Evening Outfits for Every Hijabi

Fashionable Evening Outfits for Every Hijabi

Fashionable Evening Outfits for Every Hijabi

We’re well into spring and we’ve probably been invited to many wedding and special celebratory parties. Since most of these events and occasions would probably be held in the evenings, particular attention should be taken to your outfit. I know that for some hijabi women, dressing up for evening events can be an overwhelming task.

These days, finding an evening outfit that is chic and modest is really easy. Here are some great fashionable evening outfits that I think every hijabi woman should have as part of her fashion arsenal.

Lively prints

Put your personality on display on your dress by choosing one that has interesting prints in complementary colors. Don’t limit yourself with geometric prints—play up your feminity with florals and boldness with animal prints. Just remember to find a print that will complement your frame and built.

Decorative applications

Additionally, put your personality with decorative appliques. Find applique patches in the same color palette to add texture, or add appliques in complementary colors to add dimension to your evening outfit. If you find floral-themed appliques too sweet, put an edgy vibe to your look with studs. Additionally, add movement to your outfit with fringes and feathers.

Colour play

Another great way to inject personality into your evening outfit is with colors. Ditch achromatic colors and opt for evening dresses in burgundy, turquoise, yellow, saffron and pink! If you are feeling adventurous, wear contrasting colors to give more depth to your outfit.


Chanel the luxurious Renaissance woman by donning an evening dress in the baroque style. Try one in a more modern shape to avoid looking dated. The baroque style can be ‘heavy’ with its golden embroidery, prints, drapery, ribbons, ruffles and bows—so choose your elements carefully without losing the theatricality and splendor.

Voluminous ball gowns

Sophisticated balls are not common these days, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put on a ball gown. Find a dress with a dramatic chiffon or tulle skirt that will make you feel like Cinderella. This silhouette is ideal for any formal events.

Minimalistic chic

Are you a no-frills kind of girl? Forget what I’ve said above. Choose a minimalistic evening dress in a classic silhouette like A-line, empire or sheath is a great option to look effortlessly timeless. Avoid any decorative appliques, bright color, and intricate details. Stick with black, white and pastels.

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Bling it on

For every woman that likes to keep it simple, there is another that loves sparkles and glamor. A beautifully cut and sewn dress studded with sequins and crystals will make you stand out from the crowd. It is also a great option for women who don’t like to fuss with jewelry.

Lovely lace

There are so many forms you can wear lace. Go for a dramatic look with an overall lace dress. You can choose to be sweet with a white floral-themed lace or edgy with a black geometrical motif. If you think an overall lace dress is too much, use lace trims to complete your whole look.

As you can notice, there are so many exquisite Muslim evening dresses available. I’m always excited to go to evening events—I look forward seeing what everyone is wearing. There is no reason to be the frumpy guest. Which of these looks fits your personal style? Do you have any particular one that you’re keen to try? Let us know!

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