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Fashion and Style, Style

Top 10 Pakistani Male Clothing Brands

“If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.” – Anna Wintour Most people who belong to every class is trying to follow the new and latest fashion or trends. Selection is depending on the people choice whether they choose funky, decent and fresh…

Fashion and Style, Style

Indian Women’s Most Trusted Garment

Introduction As soon as we hear the word “Saree,” it reminds us of Indian women. Saree is one of the oldest attire which is still surviving because of its endless craze. Most of the clothes which were used in medieval times are fallen apart, but…

Fashion and Style, Style

Most Iconic Wedding Dress Designers

If you have planned to go to get the married, it is compulsory that you have the wedding dress. After all, marriage doesn’t come often. A perfect wedding dress is one of that every woman dreams, but the biggest problem is the assortment of gowns…