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Spring Beauty: Graphic Eyeliner

SPRING BEAUTY Graphic eyeliner is not a fun and versatile, as proofed by the spring runways. From Oscar de la Renta’s typical cat eyes to Céline’s arithmetical flick, if you seem to create a statement this spring, the eyes are the key in. Beauty called…

Fashion and Style, Makeup

Eyebrow Mistakes You’re Making

Browse can create or shatter a face. It’s why those photos of celebrities without eyebrows are so amusing, and with eyebrow superstars quickly rising similar to Cara Delevigne, Emilia Clarke, and Rita Ora, the motivation for an expertly-shaped browse is all over the place, but…

Celebrities, Fashion and Style, Makeup

Celebrity Makeup Malfunctions

Melissa Joan Hart to Nicole Kidman many celebrities has suffered makeup malfunction of using much white powder on their face. They are looking over, and here I will tell you about celebrity makeup malfunctions. Let’s know about them.  1. Kylie Jenner The Keeping Up With the Kardashians celebrity…

Fashion and Style, Makeup

5 Types of Face Masks and How to Use Them

Face Masks have developed from the green, goopy concoctions damaged by our mothers to contain a mind-spinning array of feels, formulas, and release mechanisms to suit your every want. From mix dry powders to creams, pastes, gels and sheet face masks, the oversaturated market is…

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8 Anti-Aging Products That Are Better Than Botox

WrinklesBotox has its light share of pros and cons. Tops on the list of specialists? It zaps Anti-Aging Products, approximately straight and gives you long-lasting results. But resolving interested in your dermatologist’s chair for jobs aren’t as simple breezy as it sounds. However, with a small…