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Trench Coat is Just like LBD

TRENCH COAT For many years, style editors have pointed out that French woman, with their high attention and classic style, putting a great the trench coat to its never-finishing new status. For many years, I surprised, how can millions of French women – and clandestine…

Accessories, Fashion and Style

Eye-Wear Trends For 2016

Just as you’re choosing on the great winter coat and ankle booties, in this years 2016 eye-wear trends are creations their gallant appearance on the catwalks. Accessories are significant statement parts and can truly make or break an otherwise complete outfit. Next year’s large variety of…

Accessories, Fashion and Style

How to Make a Toothbrush Bracelet

How to make a toothbrush bracelet post has an amazing tip for you, if you abhorrence throwing material away and you adore wearing exclusive jewelry, then rotating your old toothbrushes into bracelets is a competition made in heaven. It’s simple to save those toothbrushes from the…

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Shoes we wear!!!

What about shoes we wear? Let us consider the shoes we wear every day. The essential part of our dressing and the ignorant one too. Why is it so? Why we ignore the most important part of our appearance even after knowing that they give…

Accessories, Fashion and Style


Description A handbag also known as purse or pouch is found in medium to large size that is mostly designed according to the fashion trends. They are typically used by women to hold personal items such as cash, documents, cell phone, cosmetics, food and others…