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Fall Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Fall Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Fall Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

With the coming of the autumn, you might want your home to be clean and tidy, and the kitchen is one of the rooms which you can focus on. Here check this fall kitchen cleaning checklist which will help you with these simple 4 to do steps. First, you should make a list with all chores and cleaning tasks, then gather the necessary supplies, do the actual cleaning work and maybe think about additional changes in the kitchen décor – bringing fresh flowers in pots or other things.

Open the windows to let some fresh autumn air get in the room and get started.

1. Make a Cleaning Checklist

Make a list of all chores and cleaning tasks that need to be done in the kitchen. Include everything from scrubbing the fixtures to wiping the sills. You should definitely include:

  • Emptying of the kitchen cupboards and wiping them clean.
  • Wiping the front doors of the kitchen cabinets,
  • Cleaning of the refrigerator, freezer and oven inside and outside
  • Removing and throwing away of old spices and food products
  • Cleaning the oven and dishwasher thoroughly
  • Wiping clean the coffee machine and other small kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning, washing and rinsing of the worktops, sinks, and fixtures
  • Wiping down tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture
  • Washing, cleaning, and wiping dry the windows, sills, and frames
  • Mopping and vacuum cleaning the floor and carpet
  • Cleaning walls, pictures, and decorative items
  • Emptying and deodorizing the rubbish bin

2. Gather the Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Keep it manageable when it comes to cleaning supplies. Here are some ideas what you will probably need:

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  • Disinfecting wipes – look for items which are on sale to get them at a lower price
  • All-purpose cleaners – you can either buy such or make this product. There are plenty of recipes for all-purpose cleaners
  • Bleach – it is perfect for killing germs and you can use it on sinks, rubbish bins, toilets and every place which is likely to have bacteria. Make sure you ventilate your kitchen when using it
  • Baking soda – It is perfect for removing stubborn stains, deodorizing and is one of the ingredients which most universal cleaners contain. Here is a recipe for a thick paste used for cleaning provided by end of tenancy cleaning in Kensington that should do the work. It consists of baking soda, the small quantity of water, vinegar or lemon juice. Throw some baking soda in the bin for deodorizing, down the drains and in the dishwasher. You can put a box with baking soda in the fridge to keep the food products fresh.
  • Old newspapers – Use them to wipe down the window glasses after washing and rinsing them as well as the oven glass panels of the door. They ensure efficient wiping without leaving steaks.

3. Do the Actual Cleaning

Prepare for the cleaning work by putting on some comfortable old clothes, turn on music which will make you want to move and get started. Bring all cleaning supplies at one place to be at hand.

4. Add Decorating and Refreshing Changes

If you want to make your kitchen look better and refresh it, you can add pots with some flowers you have or a vase with fresh flowers. You can boil cinnamon sticks in a pot or use orange peels to deodorize the kitchen. It’s up to you how you will change or redecorate your kitchen. Using the presented above four basic steps, you can prepare your kitchen for the coming of the autumn and welcome the season in the clean and fresh home. Get inspired to make this room flawless and spend pleasant times cooking, preparing and having meals.

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