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Facts Related to Tyres

Facts Related to Tyres

Correct Pressure to Increase the Life of Tyres

It’s a fact that majority of us ignore the importance of the tires, yet it is the essential part of the car to be taken care of. They are significant because they are the only connection in between the road and the car and the only part that transfer the power from the road to the car.

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So obvious that after being so important in the whole structure of the car, their support is very essential. They should be properly taken care of like maintain them, keep them clean and check them regularly for any damage. Things like its pressure and tread depth need to be regularly monitored to make it sure that the tire will survive for a longer time.

The following article is based on some particular facts and myths about tires that will increase your knowledge and most probably correct your information. As they do not come cheap, so I recommend you to read this article to have a complete awareness of this part of a car. Make sure you get the maximum life and performance out of the tires you have installed in your vehicle.


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1- Common View:

Tread patterns are importantly required for perfect handling on dry surfaces.


No doubt, tread pattern plays a very dominating role in its appearance but in actual, its necessary role to perform is to discharge water on wet surfaces.

2- Common View:

A universal concept that you can check the softness and hardness of the compound structure of the tire.


Well, the outermost layer can just give you give just a hint about the tire compound. Many layers under the exterior-most surface actually give the softness or hardness to the complex characteristics.


3- Common View:

Install winter tires only for the snowfall season or they are only required in this particular season.

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We prefer you to use these tires especially if you live in a locality of a temperature lower than 10 degrees. They are not bound for only snowy seasons. Prefer they in the mentioned temperatures as they have the more optimal tread pattern and special rubber that prevents them from getting stiff due to cold atmosphere.

4- Common View:

Check the pressure of the tires only when you take your car for the service.


It is a wrong concept as they should be monitored weekly as they lose their pressure naturally. So do not wait to rely on the service of the car. Make sure its pressure is perfectly maintained.

5- Common View:


Your car / bike can go faster if you use racing tires or slick tires.

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These tires are fulfilled their task the maximum extent but never install them in your local cars you commonly use as they will easily get slipped on a wet surface. Although they perform their task very well for sports cars and bikes but are dangerous when used for regular use. Due to their better grip and handling only in dry conditions, giving a larger contact with the road, they allow the car / bike to travel fast.

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6- Common View:

A very familiar concept of the people that valve caps prevents the tire from losing air


This idea is wrong, to be honest. The real job of valve cap is not to avoid the tire from losing air but prevent it from the dust, mud and water from entering the valve and causing air loss in case.

7- Common View:

Lower the pressure which ultimately make your tires maintain their grip on wet surfaces as they will skid less.



Low pressure is very dangerous for the tires as the tread and grooves get shut, or the gaps in between them become less, and they do not provide the optimum water discharge. In result to it, the car may lock up or even skid more than common.

Note of the Author

Hoping that you will find this information useful. Do make sure you take care of your tires before they get “TIRED” of you. Leave your feedback in the comment box below to let us know what else you are seeking for.

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