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Facts About Fruits

Facts About Fruits

Eat fresh fruits for healthy skin

Interesting Facts About Fruits

What is a fact?

The Fact can be defined in three different ways. Here are three mentioned definition of fact:

  • A thing that is undeniably the case
  • Used in discussing the importance of something that is the case
  • A piece of information used as verification or as part of a description or news article

Well, fruits are my most favorite eatables. Fruits, in beautiful refreshing colors and yummy tasty grabs my attention everywhere I see them. There are very interesting facts I came across while making a research on facts related to fruits.

To be honest, even I did not know most of them. If on one hand, it increased my knowledge, on the other hand, I had fun reading them. I have gathered them together and placed them into this article to make you feel the same.

Honestly, I could not resist sharing the interesting information I have for you related to the fruits. The most interesting I came across are mentioned in this article. You will definitely like reading it. In this article, I am focusing on the facts related to fruits which probably you may not know because there are others which are common to everyone. If you feel any interest in reading it any further than keep on scrolling down your page.

Well, it is always interesting to know about facts no matter what they are about. It’s like they are quick to read and in the end, you have two things; fun and knowledge. I have mentioned few really interesting facts related to fruits.

Facts About Fruits

Vegetables and Fruits

  • Banana is actually a berry but strawberry is not.
  • The apples sold at stores in the United States can be a year old.
  • The largest fruit on this earth is of Coco de Mer Palm Tree weighing 42 kg – 92 lb and its seed weighing 17 kg – 37 lb.
  • Peaches, raspberries, and apples are members of the Rose family.
  • Bananas are a little radio-active.
  • Oranges are not counted in top ten lists of commonly eaten foods even when it comes to Vitamin C.
  • The study of fruits is called Pomology.
  • Cucumbers are not vegetables but fruits.
  • Grapes when placed in the microwave, they explode. A tree know as Fruit Salad Tree which is famous for its unique feature of sprouting 3 to 7 different fruits in the same tree.
  • Strawberry contains more Vitamin C rather than oranges.
  • While medication, do not drink grapefruit as it may cause overdose and instant death.
  • Coffee beans are actually fruit pits rather than beans.
  • This name did not always know the color Orange but after orange fruit. Before it, this color was known as Geolured means Yellow – Red.


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  • Tomato is the most popular fruit in the world.
  • Humans share almost 50% of their DNA with bananas.
  • Pineapple is actually a berry.
  • Tomatoes contain more genes as compare to humans.
  • Vegetables and fruits do not die when they are harvested in fact they keep on responding to the environment for several days.
  • In Japan, farmers grow square watermelons for easier stack and storage.

Note by the Author

I hope you must have enjoyed reading it. Share these facts with your friends and family members. Remember to leave your feed back in the comment box below. Stay Blessed

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