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Eyes!! A Great Gift of Allah

Eyes!! A Great Gift of Allah

Beautiful eyes with Thick eye Brows

Allah has given us many types of blessings like ear, nose, skin, hair. Hands, feet in which eyes are one of them. Eyes are the great blessing of Allah, and you also agree with me. Eyes are so much precious and sensitive. There are lots of electronic connections that can receive more than 15 lace messages. The eighty percent of the information we get from the observation of eyes. We can see many types of things and beauty of the world with the help of eyes. Every person has two eyes so he/she can see and observe everything and its volume correctly. We can see in our surroundings properly with the help of these eyes.

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Eyes and Their Balance Diet

Well if we discuss the balanced diet of an eye then it is the most important question for those people who wants to care their eyes properly. Eyes told us about the mental and physical health of individuals. Beautiful neat and lovely eye make your personality more attractive and more handsome. So we should always care about eyes a lot, in which balance diets plays a significant role to make our eyes more beautiful and healthy.

Which Type of Diet is Essential for Healthy Eyes

Fresh milk, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits are splendid and necessary for your eye. The use those fruits and vegetables that are full of vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential and most necessary to mention the beauty of your eye. If you are not taking proper vitamin A in your diet, then your eye always tired very soon. Vitamin B2, C, and D is also very essential vitamin to maintain the beauty of eyes. Vitamin B is also necessary to mention the eye side, and vitamin B find in milk, cheese, banana, orange, almonds, etc.

Take a diet that is full of omega-3 fat as omega-3 fat is good for your body and eye. The healthy and light meal is always right to maintain the beauty and health of eyes. Carrots and almonds are good as take lots of carrots in any form like juice, salad, broccoli, bell papers, Spanish, potato, etc. Take at least 10 to 15 almonds after soaking in the water for whole night.

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Some Precautions Regarding Eyes

As eyes are the great blessing of Allah, it can tell you, like your sorrow and happiness quickly.

Always Perfume Good Deeds

Well, you might get surprised that how an internal of people leave effects their beauty of eye. Like lie, dishonesty, stealing things, bad manners and no respect for the elders leaves an impact on our eyes as they keep us depressed. You may observe it yourself. They lose the freshness and glow of their eyes. So become a person who contains good qualities like honesty, truth, have respect for elders, proper manners, etc.

Always speak the truth and perform good deeds as the person who commits these act his/her eyes lost its attraction and beauty.

Wash Your Eyes Again and Again

When you are doing some work related to eyes like studying, computer use or any other tasks then after that lay down with calm and put your hand palm on your eyes and press lightly against your eye. If your eye side is weak then always must wash your eyes after studying or computer use. If anything goes into your eyes, then don’t rub it just wash your eye with cool water. When you come back home, then wash your eyes properly with cool water as pollution can spoil the beauty of your eyes. Wash your eyes when you wake up daily with lukewarm water.

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Don’t Wear Contact Lenses More than 19 Hours

Don’t wear contact lenses more than 19 hours as lenses can damage your eyes and eye side badly. Don’t wear 3D glasses for a long time. Never sleep while you are wearing lenses as it blocks the oxygen. And the oxygen is essential while you are sleeping. Never wear your contact lenses while you are swimming as the water can slip the lenses quickly. If you are wearing goggles, then you can wear lenses while swimming.

Always Wear UV Protective Sunglasses

Woman Wearing Hat and Sunglasses

Sun rays damage the lenses of your eyes badly. So always when you go out, wear protective sunglass and hat. If you are in the shade, then wear sunglasses as the sun rays that reflect from buildings also bad for you.

Wear Goggles

When you are working with chemical or in the chemical environment, you should wear goggles. Goggles protect your eyes from the chemical.

Don’t use too many computers

Don’t use a computer, iPhone too much as they can damage your eyes badly. It makes your eye dry. Make it hobbit to blink eyes after every 30 seconds when you are using the computer. When you are working on a computer then after every 2o minutes look at the 20 feet distance for some second, it will relax your eyes.

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Don’t Study in Dim Light

Always study in the cold light as fresh light heal your eyes. You should not study in too much sunlight or moonlight as the moon is cold but not enough to consider. When you are studying then, the light must be proper as it not too much harsh or cheap.

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When You are Studying

Don’t study while you are lying as it makes your eyes painful.  If you are considering the distance should be 41 inches between you and your book.

Don’t Look at the Bright Things

Don’t look at the sun or any other bright thing as if you see too much light; it makes your eye small and damaged severely.

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Don’t use Cheap or Expiry Products for your Eyes

Always use mascara, the liner of good products as the cheap products can harm your eyes badly. There are thousands of brand available you can choose according to your budget. Don’t use Expire makeup liner, and mascara for your eyes as expire products can harm your eyes. Hare I want to tell you an example of my friend who use a expire mascara for a wedding. Her eyes become swell and too much red; she cannot open her eyes, and as a result, she cannot enjoy the wedding. So always check the date of the product.

Don’t pull hair that is inner side of your nose as it makes your eye side week. Constantly look at the moon make your eyes beautiful and healthy.

Some Caring Tips Regarding Eyes

Beautiful Long Black Eyelashes


  • Always go for a walk early in the morning as the fresh, cold air and greenery are good for your eyes.
  • Exercise your eyes and relax them.
  • Always wear Mascara of any good brand and when you remove the Mascara wash your eyes with fresh water.
  • Sprinkle some rose water or wash your eyes with rose water is an excellent option in morning and night as it increases the beauty of eyes and makes your eyes healthier.
  • If you drop some honey in your eyes, then it is superb as it makes your eyes more beautiful and improves eye side.

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