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Expensive Celebrity Homes in 2016

Expensive Celebrity Homes in 2016

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Tigerwoods Home

Celebrities are not that which I look, they make an enormous amount of money every year, so it isn’t surprising that celebrities spend a tremendous quantity of cash in the incredibly luxurious place of residence. has full details about most expensive celebrity homes in 2016. As you continue to read this article, you get more excellent info because I’m talking about enormous and costly houses which have Olympic sized swimming pools, ice skating rink, lakes, basketball courts and much more. So take a look below and read the full article.

1# Aaron Spelling — Cost $150, Million

Aaron Spelling Home

Aaron Spelling was an American film and TV producer, and he was made tons of television and film hits in his life. It is very simple that he lives in a paradise-like mansion, and his estate name is The Manor. Its area is 56,500 feet so including modern gymnasium, great bowling alley, and orchard, lots of bed and bathrooms, four garages full of cars, tennis court and even a skating rink.

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2# Bill Gates — Cost $147.5, Million

Bill Gate Home

Bill Gates is an American business magnate, investor, inventor and computer programmer. He established his popularity as the co-founder of Microsoft, the world’s largest PC software company. In his career, he gets the position of CEO, coordinator, and chief software architect, till he has the greatest shareholder of this endeavor.  At that time, he didn’t finish his college, which turned into a billionaire. He was able to build the world most expensive celebrity home, but his house obtains the 2nd number in this list. Totally area of Gates’ house is 66,000 so. Feet but his home’s every feature is also high finish and up to date – artificial stream, boat docks, trampoline room and a $30 million library.

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3# Tiger Woods — Cost $100 Million

Tiger Wood Home

Tiger Woods is a name of sports celebrity, who is a golf super star. His house is located at the Jupiter Island, Florida. It is the 3rd most expensive mansion in the celebrity world. Aside from the quality of the typical houses, his house also has a track of running, golf course, lap pool, tennis court, basketball court and diving pool and much more. I don’t really need to complicate about his mansion how massively is, me sure your mind is dropping his house expensiveness. Ha-ha.

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4# Oprah Winfrey — Cost $85, Million

Oprah Winfrey Home

Oprah Winfrey is an English media proprietor, actress, philanthropist, talk show host, and producer. Everybody knows her, and she has milliners’ lovers and fans. She is the richest female which has most expensive mansion include, a rose garden, artificial lake with fishes, orchard, tennis court, and high-quality theater and mush more. Her mansion is like a glory, just stepping in her guest house you would feel like a dream!

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5# Greg Norman — Cost $65, Million

Greg Norman Home

Greg Norman is another golf player who has the most expensive house also located at Jupiter, Island Florida and also the neighbor of Tiger Woods he is also game start and has a house ranked in 3rd. his mansion area is 30,000 sq. Feet, including a magnificent ocean front view, garage with ten cars, gourmet chef kitchen, guest house and many other fabulous things.

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6# Hugh Hefner — Cost $54 Million

Hugh Hefner Home

Hugh Hefner is an 89-year-old American magazine publisher, business person, and a famous playboy. He lives in Chicago, Illinois native and a former Journalist for Esquire, also in Ward War II an army newspaper he served himself as a writer. He is that man who is making every other guy feeling envy. His famous Playboy House has game room, tennis courts and has owned waterfalls plus zoo.

Disclaim: your result may vary about this article because some people don’t agree with this ranking their view of ranking must different with me. I ranked their home area wise and you share your opinion which ranks personality is your favorite character is it in their proper position or not and what do you think about that?

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