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Your well-liked celebrity, very gorgeous who is a famous and talented singer named Enrique. Let’s know about his fascinating life and breathtaking music carA impressive


Singer and charming personality Enrique were born on 8 May 1975. He is just known by the name of Enrique L Iglesias, and he is a Spanish singer, actor, and songwriter. He started his career in mid of 1990. He is an American Spanish Language recordable Fonovisa which helped him to become one of the biggest stars in Latin America and the United States and the biggest singer of the Spanish language. He made many records for to crossover into the mainstream market and signed with another Universal Music Group for the US $68,000,000. In 2010 he parted with Inter scope and signed one more Universal Group label.

Enrique has almost 100 million worldwide records. For these, records Enrique become the one of the best selling Latin artists ever. He also has 14 number-one songs on Billboard Dance charts. People said him to “The King of Latin Pop” and The King of Dance. He is also best selling artist in UK and India.

Singer Enrique

He was born in Spain and living in the United States. His musical career is around Latin rock, Latin pop, dance-pop, adult contemporary, electro pop, and soft rock. He can play many instruments which are following vocals, guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, programming, samples, and percussion.

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Early Life

Enrique was born in Spain. He is a third youngest singer of Spanish. His mother is half Spanish ancestry, but his father is Spanish family from Galicia and Andalusia. His parents divorced in 1979.

At first, Enrique and his two siblings stayed with her mother. But when the terrorist group kidnaped his grandfather. Enrique sent to live with their father in Miami for his safety. In the father house, they were brought up by the nanny. First, he attended the Gulliver Preparatory School and then after it he went to study business at the University of Miami.

Singer Enrique

Enrique doesn’t want that his father knows about his plans for the musical career. He did not want to use his famous surname for his musical career. He borrowed money from his nanny and record the songs in Spanish and English language. After dropping out from, the college he went to Toronto to record his first album.

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Music Career

1995–1996: Enrique Iglesias

On 12, July 1995 he released Enrique Iglesias. The collections of light rock ballads. This album makes the record by sold half a million copies in its first week, Televisa’s Portugal million copies sold in the next three months.

His song “Por Amarte” was inTelevisa’stelenovela Marisol. Just releasing of five songs Enrique win over the Germany Award.

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1997–1998: Vivir and Cosas del Amor

He  got fame and became the English language music superstars in few years.  This album also have a cover version Yazoo song which was translated to Spanish. First time in his life he played songs that were sold-out in audiences in sixteen countries. Beginning in Odessa, the tour goes three consecutive nights in Mexico. In Argentina 130,000 people were attending the concert.

In 1998, Iglesias released their 3rd album. This album has more mature musical direction.

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1999–2001: Enrique and Escape

In 1999 he had a successful career in to the English language music market. In March 1999, Will Smith asked Iglesias to contribute to the soundtrack of the movie Wild Wild West. His contributed and color “Bailamos” was released as a single and became a number one hit song in the US. After the success of the “Bailamos” he was very famous and every one liked him . He signs multi-albums.

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2002–2004: Quizás and 7

Singer Enrique

In 2002 Iglesias released their fourth Spanish album titled Quizas. It was really very  splendid  music songs then the previous Spanish songs. The album title track about the strained relationship of Iglesias with his popular father.

In 2003 Iglesias released his seventh album, which he called 7. With this album Iglesias goes for long tour. The tour starts with 12 shows in United States and continued for several countries.

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Advertisements for products

  • In 2002 he got first advertisement contract for PepsiCo International.
  • In 2003 PepsiCo rehired to Gladiators advertising campaign.
  • In 2004 he started the campaign Viceroy.

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Personal life

Iglesias received surgery in 2003 to remove a mole from his face.

In late 2001 he started dating with tennis player Anna Kournikova. The breakup comes after 12 years relationship in 2013. But media tells in 2014 the couple either still together. He built the new mansion for himself on the beaches of Miami.

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