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Effects of Technology

Effects of Technology

Technology Bad effects

Virtual VS Physical Interaction Effect of Technology

Technology has played a very vital role in making the world one large global village. The technology has entirely changed this world. Eliminating the concept of borders in communication, the developing technology also helped businesses communicate with each other faster.

We can sit anywhere in the world and can have the know how what fashion trends are being followed in around the globe. As technology is advancing and helping us in many ways like we are gaining efficiency and convenience but on the other side at the cost of social isolation

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Flaws of Advancement

There are always some good and bad aspects of everything in this world such as the advancement of technology. Do you remember that when was the last time you wished your friend Happy Birthday without Facebook reminding you? Or when did you just enjoy a nice evening with friends without making it a new post on Instagram?

Many such questions arise in the mind and make you realize that how distances this technology has drawn between us.
We have become more distant from our community just as we sit with our friends and play different android games on our smartphones, or use new applications or browse through social media websites. None of this is socially appropriate behavior and is obscene, but it has become acceptable to all recently as everybody’s here is doing it.

Nowadays our life has become limited to these newly introduced gadgets and technology. People feel more comfortable sitting behind a screen and talking about themselves apart from sitting with people and being themselves. We are going in an era where there is only social isolation, and all the interpersonal relationships seem endangered, and that is an awful condition and sad as well.

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How to End It?

Rather then we turn into a race of tech zombies feeding on candy crush lives, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes we need to put an end to this all now. Because this is a time for us to think and make our self better on our own.

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The solution to this all is quite simple, throw your Internet connection away! But after that, we’d all die! So let us just stick to the more doable alternate, and all that asks for is just self-control, of course, willpower, and determination.

This all is not to dislike or avoid or let technology dictate your life. It is just when you are with your friends and family then give all your attention to them and keep your phones away from you because your Twitter followers will be still there when you go home or Facebook likes won’t go anywhere.

For instance, call up a friend instead of Whats–Applying them. Try to meet new people at the gym or a party and not on Facebook. Live your life out of this technology and gadgets. Make new friends but not on the social websites and celebrity new event but not for the Facebook or Instagram status.

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