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Best Educational Apps for Toddlers

Best Educational Apps for Toddlers

Nowadays, toddlers already have technology know-how, and as parents or teachers, you must know that which are the best educational apps for toddlers. Educational apps are the excellent and fun way to keep your child learning outside the classroom. Some of the best educational apps for kids bear in mind how they learn and effort on the investigation and open-ended play.

As parents, if you have absolute to make digital media a portion of your toddlers’ lives, you can spread their education by facilitating them narrate what they practice in an app to real life. Luckily there are plenty of free educational apps for kids that you can easily install on your smartphone.

A new full study into apps for kids exposes the extensive influence of smartphone and iPad games for kids are having on how children learn and play.

“An app analytics company shows Apple’s pitch to the education market with its iOS device has paid off with support from app developers, with the Apple App Store having an estimated 367,960 apps for kids giving it an edge over the estimated 318,670 apps for kids in the Google Play Store.”

If your children like iPad as a bee to honey, so you should maximize its learning opportunity. There are a lot of iPad educational games for kids that would work with their love of technology. Here is a list of best educational apps for toddlers that your children will love.

A List of Best Educational Apps for Toddlers

1. Habitat the Game

Habitat the Game Educational apps for Toddlers

Habitat the Game is an iPad game for kids. With this game, your child will learn about caring for the environment by adopting a polar bear and keeping him healthy. Your kids do this by finalizing events and accomplishment good deeds in the real world, resembling turn off all the light when they consent the room.

By turning on locations facilities, you and your child can also find actual world habitat sites and amass pins in the game for visiting them. It is best for iPhone, iPad, Android, and iPod touch.

2. Princess Fairy Tale Maker

Princess Fairy Tale Maker Educational apps for Toddlers

It is the second one of the best educational apps for toddlers in our list and designed for iPad and iPhone. Duck Duck Moose is the designer of this app and allows children to draw color, and all the best imagination to generate their own fairytales.

Your kids choose the own story and also their own characters. When they have selected the characters, then narrate the own story and no limits to how creative they can be. Many educational websites also offer this facility online, but my suggestion is that if your child love iPad then you must provide this one.

Their voice is recorded and providing kids to play back their own story to themselves. The good news about this app is that parents can easily interrelate with it by setting up own story acts and brushing through with the child. After that, they are asking them to forecast what are going to occur before they snoop to a story the parent has documented.

3- Science360

Science360 Educational apps for Toddlers

Science360 is the best free educational app that you can install only in Tablets. The (NSF) National Science Foundation’s app brings cutting-edge engineering and science news, video, and images right at your child’s fingertips. All content is either created by the NSF or collected from universities and scientists around the world.

So you can assure that your child is getting the stunning quality information out there. Every week they add new content to it. This is the best educational app for kids. And I’m sure your child will love its fresh 360-degree view that lets them explore images from every angle.

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Science360 is the best for Android smartphone and iPad.

4- Toca Boca

Toca Boca Educational apps for Toddlers

Toca Boca is a company of apps, and it is tough to choose just one of their apps. If you have not yet added one of these apps onto your iPhone or iPad game for kids. Then you and your children will be in for a strange amazement.

All of these apps thoughtfully design with no in-app purchases and no advertising available. Every app comes with a parental section which delivers proposals on, how parents can interrelate with the child consuming the app. So it does not utilize as an inert tool with kids.

5- Middle School Math Planet

Math Planet Educational apps for Toddlers

With this app, your kids brush up on important math concepts like fractions, geometry, and mixed numbers. Middle school math planet teaches your children many math skills through above 30 games that support Common Core State Standards.

Fly spacecraft and help aliens’ complete tasks in these out-of-this-world games intended by learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University.

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