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Easy Skin Whitening Recipes with Rice Powder

Easy Skin Whitening Recipes with Rice Powder

Easy Skin Whitening Recipes with Rice Powder

Beautiful attractive and fair complexion is everyone’s desire, but how we can get natural fair skin glow.Here I will tell you excellent tip for a naturally fair skin with enough rice powder. Rice powder is magnificent for our skin.

Asian women are recognized for their attractive, good looks and soft, fair skin. This is because they use many homemade remedies for their beautiful glowing skin. They care their skin by using home made remedies. One of these effective treatments is rice powder and rice waterHere are easy skin whitening recipes with rice powder. Let’s know about these ingredients.

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What is Rice Powder? What is Rice Water?

Rice powder is very natural raw rice power. Add water or rice milk powder makes a paste, you can use it as a face mask. Rice water is the nutrient-rich water that comes from soaking or rinsing raw rice. Rice water is gray in look.

How Can Rice Powder Lighten Our Skin?

 Easy Skin Whitening Recipes with Rice Powder

There are lots of tips about rice powder that it makes your skin beautiful bright and glowing. But how does rice powder work, accurately?

  • Rice has a rich concentration of PABA. PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) is a very high-quality sunscreen. When we eat, PABA also raises the Vitamin C levels in our bodies.
  •  Moreover, rice has two other sun defensive agents – ferulic acid and allantoin.
  • Ferulic acid is an antioxidant. Extremely, scientists have originated that when ferulic acid is mixed with Vitamin C and E, its sun security capability is doubled.
  • Allantoin is a beautiful anti-inflammatory agent. It calms sunburns and too develops the skins renovate.
  • When it is applied as a mixture paste on the skin, rice powder has been also searched to restrain tyrosinase.

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Rice powder Whitening Mask

 Easy Skin Whitening Recipes with Rice Powder

Ingredients required:

  1. Milk powder- 1 spoon
  2. Olive oil– few drops
  3. Bowl
  4. Rice powder- 2 spoons


Get a dirt free bowl, put in rice powder and milk powder. Then insert olive oil to it and blend well. Insert water to get a good steadiness. Apply it on the face, hands and legs (the amount of the elements can be amplified as per necessity). Leave it until the face mask dries and then wash it off with tepid water and pat dry.

Milk powder is excellent for skin, as it have lactic acid which is very supportive in declining the skin’s pigmentation. Olive oil gives the nourishment necessary for the skin.

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Another amazing skin whitening recipe with rice powder is as follows:


  1. Rice powder- 2 spoons
  2. Honey– ½ teaspoon
  3. Bowl
  4. Raw milk- 2 spoons


Obtain Rice powder and put it in the bowl. The rice powder has to be beautiful and flat as the majority of the time rice powder would have some roughly ground particles in it. Put in honey as well as raw milk. Merge the contents of the bowl well as a pleasing combination is created. Apply this mask on your face and leave it for twenty minutes and then rinse it away with tepid water. This mask immediately brightens the face and adds a flush too.

The combination of raw milk with honey reimbursements the skin really as milk rinses the skin by eliminating all the dust and dirt, in the meantime rice whitens the skin and honey are mainly accountable to append the blush to your face.

Rice powder can also utilize as a whitening scrub on the skin. You require crudely crushing the rice powder and mixing it with any of the over mixtures. Apply it on the face, neck or all over the body carefully and rinse it off. Rice powder is a huge element to exfoliate the skin. Habitual use of rice powder in your attractiveness routine will assist you to whiten the skin.

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