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Dwayne Johnson The Rock

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

Johnson-The Rock

Dwayne Johnson, a familiar name in the world of professional wrestling and is known as “The Rock” in his wrestling career. Now, he is also known for his mind blowing acting career and is known by his original name. He is famous for his certain breath-taking movies.

The Star

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Dwayne Johnson is known by “The Rock” in the world of wrestling. He was born in professional wrestling in 1972. One of an incident in which he got injured, put a full stop to his college football career. This was the time when he entered the ring with the World Wrestling Federation. His biggest and the popular fight was with wrestler Steve Austin, and he is also honored with WWF Heavy-Weight title for six times. Carrying his wrestling fame, he got a chance to show up his acting talents as well. He appeared in the movies like “The Mummy Returns” – 2001 and “Tooth Fairy” – 2010

Early life

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson was born on 2 May 1972 in Hayward – California. His father – Rocky Johnson was also a wrestler while he is the grandson of professional wrestler Peter – “High Chief” Fanene Maivia. Dwayne Johnson became a fighter by following the footsteps of his father. At his college level, he wants was into football at the University of Miami. He was very successful there but only before his severe back injury.

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The Rock

Johnson turned to the wrestling career where he wrestled in the WWF against the Brooklyn Brawler in Texas. The WWF signed his under the name of Flex Kavana after his continuous successes including a tag team win with Bart Sawyer. After a year later, he got a chance to take over the leadership of The Nation of Domination and named himself as “The Rock”. He also joined another band of Elite Wrestlers “The Corporation” and began a feud with Steve Austin. He is also known as “The People’s Champ.” He is also honored six times with the title of WWF Heavy-Weight and five times with WWF Tag Team Championships.

Dwayne Johnson-The Rock

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Acting Career

Johnson currently lives in Florida. He left his wrestling career and launched his acting career. He was lucky to score right and soon he became famous because of his acting career. In the world of films, he prefers to move on to his original name – “Dwayne Johnson.” His first big hit was “The Mummy Returns” – 2001 in which he performed the role of “The Scorpion King”. He also tried comedy movies like “The Game Plan” – 2007 and “Be Cool” – 2005 with Uma Thurman and John Travolta. The other hits include “Johnny Bravo”, “The Fast and the Furious film series-Fast Five”, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”, “Snitch“, “Fast & Furious 7”, “Pain & Gain” and “Empire State“.

His recent action films are Driver (2010), Fast & Furious 6 (2013) and Hercules (2014). While he also played few guest roles on “Star Trek: Voyager. This movie was particular in the case as it used his famous moves and on “That ’70s Show” in which he played the role of his father “Rocky Johnson”. He was listed in the 2007 Guinness World Records as the highest-paid actor in his first starring role.

All this time span, Johnson did not leave his wrestling career but returned to it off and on. In 2000, he hosted “Saturday Night Live”. Johnson has explicitly stated that the success of this show opened his gates to Hollywood Studios. The success of his wrestling character gave him chances to cross over into mainstream pop culture. In 2014, he appeared in Wrestle Mania 30 with Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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Married Life

Dwayne Johnson-Family

In 1997, he married his college sweetheart “Dany Garcia” which could not take this relation more than a decade and got spilt. He had a daughter from his first marriage named “Simone Alexandra”.

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Television Career

He also continued his television career along with all his activities. His famous episode of the Disney Channel show “Cory in the House” is “Never the Dwayne Shall Meet”. He has also performed in “Wizards of Waverly Place” – “Art Teacher”, “Race to Witch Mountain”, provided his voice of Capt. Charles Chuck Baker in “Planet 51” and “Tooth Fairy” – 2010. His guest appearance on “Saturday Night Live” is also recognized for his character “The Rock Obama.”

Even, when he was away from WWF, his name “The Rock” continued to be sold. He was pretty prominently featured in the opening montages of the television shows. Johnson’s two major characters as Joe Kingman- a cocky football player in “The Game Plan” and Agent 23 in “Get Smart” became very famous. He has also hosted Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards – 2009 on 28 of March.

The Rock-Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson is honored for several awards for his talents. On 24 of February – 2008, he received the Academy Award For Best Visual Effects at the 80th Academy Awards. At Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, he was nominated for Favorite Movie Actor for his role ii “The Game Plan”.

Dwayne Johnson


Year   Title and Role
2014   Hercules (Hercules)
2013   Fast & Furious 6 (Hobbs)
2013   Pain & Gain (Paul Doyle)
2013   G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Roadlock)
2013   Snitch (John Matthews)
2013   Empire State (James Ransone)
2012   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (Hank)
2011   Fast Five (Hobbs)
2010  Faster (Driver)
2010  The Other Guys Det (Christopher Danson)
2010  Tooth Fairy (Derek Thompson)
2009  Planet 51 (Chuck Baker)
2009  Race to Witch Mountain (Jack Bruno)
2008  Get Smart (Agent 23)
2007  Southland Tales (Boxer Santaros)

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