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How to Dry up your Breast Milk Production

How to Dry up your Breast Milk Production

Mother breast feeding her infant

Pregnancy is a great blessing of Allah and the same time it is a very difficult stage but after that, you got a sweet and cute baby that makes your life happy and good. The best thing is that if you are feeding your baby as it creates a close relation between you and your baby. Mother feed gives all essential protein and vitamin that your baby need and the formula milk or bottle milk will not give these essential vitamins and protein.

You are feeding your baby and now your baby is growing up and you don’t want to feed anymore. It will take 3 to 4 week to dry up milk production sometimes it takes more the one month as it depends on that how your body is supplying milk. Read this and learn how you can dry up milk production quickly.

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Wean Gradually

When you want to stop feeding, then you should not start this process at the same time. Instead, you should stop breastfeeding slowly and should follow a schedule. This process remains less painful and easy for you and it can also not good for baby sometimes to stop breastfeeding suddenly. Follow this schedule

  • Day one: feed you baby after every two to three hours
  • Day two: Feed your baby after 4 to 5 hours
  • Day three: don’t feed your baby

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Take Some Tablet

Use 0f Medicine to Stop Milk Production

  • You can also take Ibuprofen that reduces your pain discomfort and swelling.
  • Estrogen injection also stopped milk production, but it is not good as it cause cancer.

Drink Lot of Water

benefits of water

Drink lot of water when you want to stop breastfeeding. It makes you easy and releases discomforts. If you don’t drink water, and your body be dehydrated, then your body start producing more milk also it cause urinary tract infection. So drink plant of water.

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Avoid Nipple Stimulation

Avoid nipple stimulation as it is the sign of your body to produce more milk. Also, you have to avoid foreplay before sex. Doesn’t put hot water directly on your breast as it also causes milk production? You should take a little warm shower that eases your discomforts and pain.

Wear a Support Bra

Wear Support Bra

Wear a support bra that is not so tight or not so loose but lift your breast correctly. A Proper bra that can lift your breast properly, not too tight will relief your pain.

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Be Patient

When your body is drying up milk production, then all your hormones will change that can effect on your mode like it make you feel guilty, sad, irritated and depress.  So try to control your emotion and take a long breath to ease your discomforts.

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Drink Sage Tea

Sage Tea

Sage contains natural estrogen that dries up milk. You can use sage in two forms

  • As a tea:  take sage tea and boil it with some milk and honey and drink it
  • As a tincture: sage tincture is available easily that made from sage and alcohol. You can also take it.
  • Apply ice cubes

The cool thing makes you feel easy like ice cubes. Take some ice cubes and message on your breast for some time. This trick stop milk production also feels you comfortable.

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Apply for cabbage leave

Cabbage to Relive Pain in Breast

Cabbage leave is also a good option. Take cabbage leave and freeze them. Put these leave on your breast and replace them after some time. This tip will relief your pain and comfort you.

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