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Dresses to Wear this Eid Traditional Touch

Dresses to Wear this Eid Traditional Touch

Eid DressesAs I am an aggressive shopaholic, I have never been an addict to Eid Shopping only. I shops whenever I like, it can be any day from 365 days. Now, the festive season is knocking and like me, every woman loves to wear something new to look prettier. It would be adding more spark and charm to your wardrobe.

Most of us don’t like to wear western on the festive occasion. So we gonna be talking about the traditional Women Ethnic Wear which will make you look prettier and delicate. I am quite sure that you’d be liking the dresses which I am going to present to your because these are really cool and also light weight.

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Eid is coming and we all need to look like a “Shehzaadi” which we say in our lovely language instead of saying a princess. Well, you can use any word to call it but I like the word “Shehzaadi” . I like to look modest and traditional at the same.
Eid Traditional Dresses

So, let’s check start the journey to my Eid collection which I chose to try this Eid. Not all I’ll be trying but the dress would be from this collection only. I hope you’ll like the dresses and definitely appreciate my choice.

So these are the few designs as I cannot list the whole Ramadan Special collection here. You can have a look at this amazing Ramadan Collection of women ethnic wear on our the pehnava. The best thing I found about this website is that the products are of good quality and the prices are also not much.

Now, it is over to you that which color you’ll be choosing but for me, black is the all-time and always choice. Black color suits on everyone and you can pair it with your stilettoes.

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Traditional ethnic wear always looks awesome on any girl no matters what the tone and how the body shape. I will suggest you to go for a light makeup to add a charm to your beauty and go for your eid celebrations.

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Well, the festivals are not about anything else, it’s just about celebrations. You’ll forget everything with time but not the celebration and enjoyment you had. If you are still confused with what to wear this eid then don’t think much ask your friends or anyone who u think can give you advice and make your choice. Go for celebrations as you’ll be looking beautiful for sure. Everyone is beautiful in this whole world all you need is a heart full of love. So be happy and enjoy every moment.

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