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Does Bedding Measure Up? How Important it is to Cover Your Futon?

Does Bedding Measure Up? How Important it is to Cover Your Futon?


Did you ever visit a friend and had the hard time sleeping because the pillow was uncomfortable? Well, your friend must have done his/her part in asking for a soft or a hard pillow, but it’s not your friend. The major factor in determining how well you will sleep is the posture of the body and head placement-physique and head shape!

Using the measurement as mentioned earlier, the ideal thickness of a pillow and the mattress can be determined. A health expert explains that the natural standing posture of humans in standing is a slight curve in the form of an “S,” when we sleep we need a pillow and a mattress to support the S-shape of our spine.

Today we are going to take you into a Japanese bedroom, why? Well, the Japanese sleeping beds are not only simple and maintain the natural body alignment, but it also has significant health benefits and is the reason why Japanese are thin, fresh, and young.

A Futon bed The Ointment for a Healed Soul

A Futon bed The Ointment for a Healed Soul


For Japanese, anything is perfect to lie on as long as they can sleep. Futon-especially futon mattress and the bottommost futon mat has a significant influence on how well and deeply one can sleep. Japanese believe that sleeping o a natural and firm mattress as a futon is better than sleeping on soft one.

Studies and researches also support that the best mattress is a “No Mattress”. The luxurious and soft spring mattresses offer support to your body but do not provide your body the alignment it requires during the sleeping phase. However, a firm futon doesn’t have to be everyone’s choice-the firmness level depends on the sleeper’s physique and body weight.

Traditional Japanese futons were available in one shape and size, ever since the east-west fusion took place you can even have custom made futons. The authentic futon mattresses are filled with 100% cotton, or silk depends on how much you want to spend on your sleeping bed.

For further comfort, futon mattresses also give you the option of spreading thin pads over futons. These pads help disperse the body weight equally on the mattress. If you’re ready to try the Japanese futon beds, then there’s more for you to know without which a futon is not complete.

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Japanese Makura The Pillow for Supporting the S-Shape of your Spine

Cover Your Futon Mattress

Futon mattress is not the only object of Japanese sleep bed; it requires Makura (pillow), Kakebuton, and Shiki Burton for completing the package. The major part of sleeping right, however, includes a futon mattress and a pillow of standard thickness to support the purpose.

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Just how a bed can keep you awake at night, similarly a pillow that is too thin or thick bends the neck in unnatural positions and can cause some health issues, including snoring, breathing problems, the stiffness of the neck, and pain in neck and shoulders.

You can choose the different thickness of the pillow and also the material for its stuffing; the mixture of buckwheat hull and hinoki chips (Japanese cypress), plastic balls, silk, down, cotton, hemp, urethane foam, etc.

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Now-How Important it is to Cover Your Futon Mattress?

Japanese Futon

The cover story is based on the significance of covering your futon mattress to keep it hygienic, elegant in appeal, and to match your season and sleep. Japanese futons are placed over a wooden slate and mostly on the floor but are covered with decorative covers.

Japanese love the nature, and their love is significantly prominent from their everyday routine. Majorly, the bed sheets and futon covers they use are floral, resembling nature and give a please appeal as well. However you like to dress your futon, the end point is choosing the material and designs according to the seasons.

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