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Different Types of BMW Service for Vehicles

Different Types of BMW Service for Vehicles

When you have an uncompromising choice concerning your BMW vehicle, then you will surely be aware of the need for attention and care that it deserves through the timely services. Like all machines, your savvy BMW too is made of parts that work in synchronization with each other and have to be given that extra dose of care to keep it tuned for the best performance. In keeping with the high-class machine that the vehicle is, there are suited service plans intended to prevent it in top condition for years to come.

The Main BMW Service Packages

There are different types of BMW service packs meant to provide you all the options that are needed for the top functioning of the vehicle.

  • Once you register your vehicle, within the first sixty days, you can buy the BMW Service Inclusive that will cover you a list of several service items for five years or 100,000kms, whichever comes first.
  • Next in line is the pack of the Service Inclusive Plus that further extends to cover the brake pads, discs and the clutch other than those features already covered by the Service Inclusive.
  • The third in the category is the BMW Extended Warranty that gives you the rights to claim the vehicle defects within the first two years where the repair costs are covered by the stipulated mileage coverage.

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For the Older Vehicles

The Main BMW Service Packages

There are also a variety of packages for the services that are meant to give the customers real value for their money.

  • When the vehicle is four years or more old, there has to be a particular regime of BMW service and care to ensure that it is capable of giving the best of services.
  • The package includes the repair and services of the parts that are offered at a fixed price that is meant to be both fair and also all-inclusive.
  • The parts that are used are all original manufacture equipment, and the service comes from the trained and experienced BMW service partners ensuring both safeties as well as quality.

The Icon Based Services

The Icon Based Services

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These BMW services are not bound by any geography, but these are available at all authorized or participating centers around the globe to provide the customers the privilege that they deserve with their unique vehicle.

  • There is the provision of the individual icons within your vehicles that will announce to you the condition of your vehicle so that you are always abreast of it.
  • For the models that have been launched later, there is the Condition Based Servicing or the CBS system that is made to carry out the task of monitoring actively for the wear and tear of the parts and the necessity of the maintenance.
  • For vehicles that come from the years that date back a little more, there is the Service Interval Indicator or the SII that keeps a tab on the vehicle mileage and also the time when it was last serviced
  • For both, there are several icons on the dashboard that displays the need for the maintenance of the specific parts.

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The Value-added Services

You can also opt for the BMW fast lane service that takes care of the basic oil change and wear and tear repair. In such cases, you only pay the cost of services that are carried out and walk out with your vehicle at the earliest possible. You need not spend the whole day for the service but fix the appointment when the necessary services are agreed upon and also the price quoted. All you have to do is collect your vehicle after the mentioned period of time. There is another expedited service that you can bank upon when it comes to the BMW service, and that is the round the clock and all time roadside assistance when you need it. So, these are the various types of BMW service for your vehicles of all age and needs.

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