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Diet Tips From Dancing With the Stars

Diet Tips From Dancing With the Stars

If you are watching this season of Dancing with the Stars, and if you have observed that the dancers wonderfully maintained their weight and looking very sexy and hot in their outfits. If you want to know how they stay fit and smart, here are some of the dieting tips they shared in a recent weekly news. It’s just accurate that different concrete dance steps make our figure very smart and attractive because our body moves in dance and as a result of our weight loss. According to some celebrities, Dancing with the Stars is not just a competition show, it is a whole lifestyle improvement primarily a weight losing the show. Let’s know about their diet plan.

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Melissa Rycroft

Dancing With the Stars

If you want to get your figure toned, you should try her diet plan. She eats the small meal in whole day which makes her metabolism very fast.Melissa Rycroft says

“I eat what I like in moderation and try to have a few small meals throughout the day.”

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Julianne Hough

Dancing With the Stars

Julianne Hough got toned figure because she takes five little foods all over the day, and during the show she tries to cut out carbs and sweets. She doesn’t confine herself entirely, she says,

“If I want to have dessert, I’ll have it. I know I’ll work it off.” “I eat only until I’m full.”

Shawn Johnson

Dancing With the Stars

Shawn Johnson eats fruits and protein food very much, but if she wants to eat chocolate she says,

“I’ll satisfy my craving and move on.”

She remains fit and smart because she dances eight hours a day.

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Denise Richards

Dancing With the Stars

Denise Richards dances a lot and eat pizza and ice cream. She got 24 waste from 26 and looked attractive.

Kym Johnson

Dancing With the Stars

Kym Johnson does a lot of exercise and training work to get her rock-hard abs. She also confines her carbs as she says,

“I love fries and bread, but I see a real difference in my body when I don’t eat them after 5 p.m.”

She eats dessert when she is with her boyfriend, but just a little portion.

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Lil’ Kim

Dancing With the Stars

Lil’ Kim is very attractive and smart and she has maintained her figure because she takes her food and refreshments from Freshology, which is a foodstuff delivery service. She takes an entirety of 1,200 to 1,400 calories in a day, keeps away from heavy meals, and consumes a lot of water.

Lacey Schwimmer

Dancing With the Stars

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Lacey Schwimmer looks very attractive and smart she has dropped 10 pounds and keeps away from oily meals and soda, and as a replacement of enjoying, steamed veggies, grilled chicken, yogurt, and fruit. She suggests eating within an hour after doing work or exercise.

Cheryl Burke

Dancing With the Stars

Cheryl Burke looks very attractive and slim by reducing 10 pounds her figure is breathtaking and fit now everyone praises her fitness, she got this look through dance practices in eight hours a day, five days a week. She consumes egg whites, vegetables, whole grains and plenty of water. She keeps away from salt and keeps snacks with her to keep away from enticement.

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Karina Smirnoff

Dancing With the Stars

Karina Smirnoff is one fit dancing star she has just fantastic and attractive figure because she keeps away from meat but takes egg whites, salad, and fish. She takes a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach that will assist in digestion.

Holly Madison

Dancing With the Stars

Holly Madison keeps away from fluid calories and drinks water instead, and she has the very attractive figure.

Edyta Sliwinska

Dancing With the Stars

Edyta Sliwinska looks very attractive and fit she has such a beautiful body and her legs are very slim and toned she takes at least 1,500 calories per day, and eat meals like, ground oats, cottage cheese, berries, cereal and chicken salad. She keeps away from, bread, pasta, rice, and sweets. She gets her attractive, smart and shaped legs from dancing in heels.

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