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Diet to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Diet to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Diet to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Do you want to lose weight in 7 days? Well, we have healthy and safe diet plan for weight loss. I discovered this diet plan which is most beneficial when you want to lose weight without exercise. If you don’t know the answer ‘How to lose weight in 7 days’ you have come to the right place. This diet plan is free any weight-loss medicines or supplements.

With this lose weight diet plan, you just find healthy, fresh food which you can buy from your local market. Most people go to Gym and follow the Gym diet plan. But with this diet plan, you don’t need to go Gym or any exercise. Follow this plan carefully and lose weight within a week. This is the healthy food. It is all about losing weight with your food intake control. By following this diet plan, you notice some positive effects on your digestive system and skin.

Diet to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Diet plan Monday – Fruity Punch

Fruit mixer

From your fat body, you will need to reduce the toxins that are caring you puffy with fat and fluid on Monday. Fruity diet is effective in cleansing the body. It develops healing practice and also reliefs in healthy weight loss. Most suitable fruits for weight loss are apple, orange, pear, watermelon, and many other fruits which are citrus fruits. There are no restrictions how much fruits you can eat. You can eat fruit when you feel hungry.

Start your day with one pomegranate and two apples and end of the day one should have at least consumed the equivalent of 4 apples, a small watermelon, two pomegranates, and four oranges.

Note: Juices are not allowed, and drink must drink ten glasses of water.

Diet Plan Tuesday – Veggie

Vegetables and Fruits

On day 2 of losing weight diet plan, you are allowed just veggies. You can eat raw veggies in the form of plain salad or boil vegetables by adding some salt and pepper. You can as much as you are hungry any time whole the day.

Note: Butter, milk, oil, and cream are not allowed.

You start your day with one boiled potato. You can follow these salad recipes for your hungry condition.

Diet Plan Wednesday – Fruity

Zodiac Fruit Diet

You can eat as many veggies and fruits as you can but keep in mind the rules. Avoid using oil, cheese, butter, and other products like these. You can use plain vegetables or boiled vegetables, but don’t drink fruit juices. Only eat whole fruits, but avoid the banana and potato on the 3rd day of diet plan.

Note: Drink 12 glasses of water on this day.

Diet Plan Thursday – Going Bananas

Eat ten bananas during the day, three glasses of milk and I diet soup. Today diet plan is terrible because it will be a less amount of food. For diet soup, you can see the low calories soup recipe. When you feel hungry, you can eat a banana. If you eat all ten bananas over the day, you will not feel hungry.

Note: Drink 12 glasses of water.

Diet Plan Friday – Feasty

Tomatoes are the significant quantity of day 5. Validate you don’t skip six tomatoes. You can have all tomatoes at one time or separately at different time whole the day. 2 oranges and two apples can be eaten at the same time or alone.

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Note: Drink at Least 14 Glasses of Water

Diet Plan Saturday – Special


Corn Fried Rice

On Saturday you are allowed to have a small bowl of boiled rice with vegetable. Avoid any types of oil, cheese, or butter. 1 bowl of soup, One glass of buttermilk, and one bowl of salad can be consumed in the day. You can also use one cup of green tea as the best weight loss tea. But if you are coffee lovers, then you are allowed coffee without milk and sugar.

Note: Drink 12 Glasses of Water

Diet Plan Sunday – Grand Finale

Top 7 Reasons to Eat MORE


On the last day of diet plan, you can eat a cup of rice for lunch. Apart of this, you want to eat all the veggies diet for the whole day. You drink all the fruit juices that you want. This will flush your digestive system completely and consent your body in the optimal state. One bowl of diet soup can be had in the option of the day.

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