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Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms

y. Are you feeling tired all the time?

First of all, if we talk about the diabetes symptoms, then you should examine yourself first. Diabetes symptoms are very easy to judge, and you can observe it clearly. Are you feeling tired all the time? Are you feeling thirstier? Are you gaining too much weight? Are you going to toilet again and again? If yes then you should consult your doctor and if you have not consulted and not paying attention then it will be very harmful to you. You should become more careful if you notice these signs

  • It is generic like if anyone in your family like brother, sister or father is the patient of diabetes, then you should also care about yourself.
  • You have gained lots of weights and feeling obesity all the time.
  • If you have impaired glucose tolerance, that mean you have little high sugar lever in your blood then an average person. This condition is called pre-diabetes.
  • If you are the problem of high sugar level when you are pregnant.
  • If you have waist size more than 80cm (31.5) inches, then you are also at the risk of getting diabetes.
  • If you are the patient of depression or bipolar disorder, then you have the chance of getting diabetes.
  • If you normally have blood pressure 140/90 or higher then can get diabetes
  • If you have your cholesterol level high than normal, or you have a good cholesterol level below 35.
  • If you have the problem of polycystic ovary syndrome, that is called PCOS.

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Diabetes Symptoms

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

Feeling thirsty and frequent urine

When you have diabetes, then sugar level increase in your blood and the kidney has to work more to observe more sugar. In this process all the water in kidney leak from your body in the form of urine due to this you have to pass more urine. When you pass more urine, then you feel more thirsty as your body needs lots of water to complete this process. In fact, excessive thirst and frequent urine are the main sign of diabetes.

Weight loss

As all the sugar loss through the urine and your body need that glucose. The food, which you also eat convert into glucose that is use by cell nourishment and growth. But when all glucose passes through urine then your body cannot work properly, and you lose your weight.

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Blurred vision

Diabetes also affects the eyes also. When you have high blood sugar level in your blood, then it will pull all fluid from your tissue as the lenses of your eyes are also tissue so you will feel blurry vision.

Wounds and cuts heels slowly

When you have diabetes be careful that you will not get any cut or wound as it’s difficult to heel. The main reason is that the glucose is use by your cell for nourishment and growth, but when all the glucose will loss from your body and your cell cannot use the glucose for growth then the cut will not be heel

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Tingling hands and feet

Too much high sugar can also affect your nerve. You feel a tingling sensation in your hands and feet. You will also feel the heat in your arms Feet and legs.

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I have told you about diabetes symptoms. Have you examine these Diabetes Symptoms, then consult with your doctor. Also, share us how can you treat your diabetes?

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