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Designing a French Country Style Kitchen and Dining Area

Designing a French Country Style Kitchen and Dining Area

A French country style kitchen and dining area can add the perfect blend of European elegance, comfort, character, and rustic charm to any home. This style fits well in any home, from a truly elegant, graceful home to an old-world, country style home. It doesn’t have to be awfully modern to be useful and practical still.

When redesigning and remodeling any room of your home, a bit of house cleaning will be required. Whether you hire cleaners from a home cleaning services company or do the job yourself, you want to start with nice clean surfaces.

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For the ceilings in your kitchen and dining area, you may consider several different options. You can choose a nice, elegant crown molding, or add a more rustic feel with exposed beams and trusses. Or, you can always do both, crown molding around the room, with a nice wooden exposed beam in the centre.

French Country Style Dining Area

Wood floors are an excellent choice for any French country room. You can opt for fresh, new hardwood floors, or choose to work with reclaimed wood. Either would go well in your kitchen and dining area. Another option is a stone floor like limestone or terra-cotta. When you go with this option, be mindful of the floor cleaning you will have to go through every now and then in order to keep this area clean and sanitized at all times.

Furniture with a nice worn, distressed look adds a little character to your French country themed kitchen and dining area. White tables or chairs with just a bit of distressing are excellent options, as are light oak colours. If you do not already own distressed furniture, you can easily create this look on your dining room table and chairs.

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If you have the room in your dining area, consider adding or renovating a fireplace. This will help create that comfy feel of the French country theme. Limestone with a large mantel or carved reclaimed wood are excellent choices.

French Country Style Kitchen

For the tablecloths, curtains, and other fabric or linen items, hues of yellow, blue, and green are excellent options. You can also try adding a mixture of red and yellows. If you have chosen a light oak color furniture, white or yellow colors make your cabinets and dinette set stand out. For white furniture, try a darker color like a red, blue, or green hue.

For a French country themed kitchen and dining area, there is no specific design to stick to. There are many options are that create this incredible balance of elegance and country charm. Remember to stay on top of kitchen cleaning as that will emphasize on the beauty and practicality of the design.

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