The Latest Trend of Jewellery Market

Jewelry was associated with just adornments and symbolized social status. Jewelry which exists since the time of civilization has unquestionably undergone many changes and transformation regarding its usage, symbolic and actual use and designs. Brides of 60’s and 70’s were always spotted clad in heaviest jewelry according to one’s financial strength and flaunting the super heavy jewelry had been a trend of those times which is undergoing a change. Gemstone Gold Jewellery is very trending nowadays, due to its finest and good presentation.

Now fashion and jewelry trend walk hand in hand. Jewelry changes its forms according to fashion. Indian jewelry which was the synonym of tradition has also boarded the change train with times, and the whole jewelry industry is facing changes in demands related to jewelry’s design and forms. This is where the origin of designer jewelry emerges.

Trending High Jewellery

With the increasing per capita income of Indians, the knack of the lavish lifestyle and its tastes are stirring up high in the society and are thus rattling the tastes and demands regarding the traditional jewelry to trendy jewelry. So with the luxury of gold, the designer jewelry comes with the purity of gold and classy designs by artists.

Luxury brands are built on the cult of the artist, on a consumer’s fascination with the vision and the worlds created by them. Consumers seek out designers who understand gold’s status as the ultimate creative material, and make pieces which encapsulate their personal values and dreams.” states David Lamb, Managing Director of the World Gold Council.

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Why Designer Jewellery is Trending High

Factors Affecting These Trends

  • Dual benefit: Whereas jewelry serves as a status symbol in society, designer jewelry, on the other hand, serves both purposes of ornamentation and storage as assets with the privilege of being showered with praises from every nook and corner for the latest ethnic designs.
  • The biggest factor in the growth of Indian luxury market: The growth of Indian luxury market caters majorly to jewelry and luxury watches. So more of international companies are also investing in it and thus the global tastes and trends are penetrating the market.
  • The narrowing bridge between diamond and gold: Another important factor of hikes in trends of designer jewelry is the narrowing prices of diamond and gold. Thus Indian consumer is also eyeing the internationally launched designer diamond jewelry.
  • The design would be an intrinsic value from now on: With the amalgamation of fashion and luxury, jewelry market will see the changed perception of design being the intrinsic value rather than the metrics of karats and quantity.
  • Consumer preferred: With the concept of fundamental design values, customer are ready to pop out their pockets if they get the international and global touch in designs created by international designers.

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Factors Affecting These Trends

Designer Jewellery is Trending High

  • Trends in jewelry in India depend on regions. A North Indian girl would have different tastes and outlook while buying jewelry rather than the South Indian girl.
  • Religion also to some extent affects the tastes and preferences.
  • North India is more focused and exclusive about their demands and preferences in jewelry. A North Indian bride would prefer to have unique jewelry which only she posses.
  • In South Indian, beautiful and intricate gold jewelry has always been in demands for brides in wedding season. This time, it would be less gaudy and lighter in forms and designs.
  • Whereas the previous generation’s ornaments weighed at least 150 to 300 grams, this year average weight of bridal jewelry preferred by brides to be have gone down as far as 50-60 grams.

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What are Trending High These Days

Latest Trend of Jewellery Market

  • Fiery red rubies, white crystalline diamonds, green emeralds and a touch of purple are tastes of recent demands in bridal jewelry.
  • According to one of the leading jewelry makers in Kolkata, Northeast jewelry market is high on big uncut and full cut diamond and platinum jewelry rather than yellow gold this year.
  • Lightweight contemporary jewelry, a mix of ethnic styles and western elegance, affordable and comfortable to wear is the taste of Eastern India.
  • Filigree and wirework are finding favor in east India where simple geometric shapes like hexagons, triangles, rounds and octagons are trending super high.
  • With the desire of absolute glamor, the trend in Mumbai is about perfection as Mumbai’s brides are very particular about quality and the look of gems and metals. So new concepts and ideas keep popping at maximum in Maya Nagri Mumbai.
  • Cosmopolitan Brides are Victorian style jewelry, rose cut jewelry and antique jewelry.
  • Victorian jewelry is trending high which is the combination of gold and silver jewelry with the stone set in center.
  • Rose cut and shaped jewelry with the antique and vintage look is trending back.
  • With plenty of multiple metal options to choose from white gold, pink gold ( the mixture of gold and copper to give it a tinge of pink), yellow gold, platinum, and silver.
  • Elephant, peacock, sunflower, rose and exotic flowers such as hyacinths are also being considered while designing precious jewelry.