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Curtains – Living Room & Bedroom Curtains

Curtains – Living Room & Bedroom Curtains

Curtains when displayed correctly with all its requirements, gives a complete look to the room. It adds personality and glamor to the chamber. Obviously, there is some consideration; you have to keep in mind before going out to buy some curtains for you.

Instructions for Curtains

Color and Pattern

Do think for a long time and make sure that what color and pattern to use for the room you want to hang curtains in. Curtains are the highlighted thing displayed in the chamber and make a clear and enhanced impact on the final look of the room. So be sure that what you want.

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Size of the Curtains

Do focus on the scale of the curtains when buying. They should be long enough to cover the whole window to the bottom. It does not matter if they are touching the floor but they should not be higher. For sophisticated and luxurious look, allow them to puddle on the ground. They should be double to the width of the window.

Buy Long Curtains

Do buy long curtains. It is better to buy them longer than required. Afterward hemmed them according to the requirement.

Lines Panels

Do choose the lines. It controls the temperature of the room and filters a good amount of the light that passes through. The following linings are used in its mentioned manners:

  • Essential cotton lining – Allow some light to filter through but also protects the fabric a little
  • Insulating lining – Keeps the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Blackout lining – It is known to be ideal for bedrooms especially. It does not allow any light to filter through

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Rods and Finials

Curtains - The Glamour

Do not forget the hardware. Rods and finials of the curtains should match the fabric of the curtains. Apart from that, they should also match the rest of the room. For example:

  • Light silks and sheers can settle entirely on light-weight and thinner rods.
  • Heavier curtains such as velvets should be on a large and somehow decorative rods.
  • If you are using Lucite lamps or chairs, prefer the Lucite drapery rod as it will look very appropriate.

Fabric of the Curtains

Curtains - The Glamour

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Do consider the fabric of the curtains. Following are the fabrics of the curtains which are used:

  • Cotton is commonly used. It is versatile and easy to clean.
  • Velvet is formally used. It is luxurious and private. It is sometimes large rooms so be conscious while using it.
  • Sheers are light, graceful and delicate but do not prefer them for a private place.
  • Wool is dark but sturdy and robust enough to hold fringe and tassels.

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Perfect Finishing

Curtains - The Glamour

Do not forget the finals as finishings always give a complete look. Minor details are imperative for other furniture and ornaments to enhance. Finals at the end of the curtains rod can provide the perfect finishing touch.

Remember, a complete and gorgeous room is all about its minor details so do not skip any of them and felt confident for your hard work. Good Luck!

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