As we love and encourage travel more to different countries as long as you want. In fact, we believe some countries to avoid traveling to 2017 because these are extreme more dangerous than others and have unique dangers that should be understood by the intrepid traveler or circumvented. Hope you do not intend a trip to see the dangerous world place. Lebanon and Egypt are two of 22 countries on the list of dangerous places on earth to avoid, due to the risk of terrorist attacks.

Conversely, many countries are much inferior to others when it comes to danger levels. The Global Peace Index, which is composed annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace. There is the list of countries to avoid traveling to 2017, whether it is political strife or concerns about disease outbreaks. Here is the guide to for you to prevent the dangerous world place to visit in 2017. If you want to know what is right for you, you will avoid these destinations to visit in 2017.

A List of Countries to Avoid Traveling to 2017

1. Mexico

In Mexico every year millions of travelers visit this country safely and view some of the world’s best archaeological places, but violent organized crime makes the country one of the more dangerous world place for tourists.

The resort areas of Mexico are safe from drug-related crimes like robberies, kidnappings, and carjacking. But, other than that area can be risky for tourists.

2. Russia

Beautiful Night View of Christmas Celebration at Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world, but it is a fascinating place to visit, with its centuries of learned and artistic greats, varying landscapes, vast, and architecture. The travel in the North Caucasus of Russia can be dangerous due to the political and civil tension and criminal groups. Moscow and St. Petersburg are flattering more well-known tourist destinations, and both cities are more dangerous in violent hate crimes in contradiction of cultural and ethnic pressure travelers.

3. The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo

It has turbulent and anxious history, stretching back periods. Although the DRC is currently in a period of relative peace, instability has long overwhelmed the country, and its hold on security is indeed fragile. DRC country was wasted by the Congolese Civil Wars which began in 1996 and are constant today.

Armed groups endure wandering the countryside, obligating violent crimes alongside foreign and civilians nationals. Travelers often stopped at both certified and unofficial blockades. Bribes are mutual and if a Wanderer refuses to pay a backhander, they may be argued or even killed. Boat transport is common but often unsafe. Also, under the attack of different diseases like yellow fever, malaria, and Ebola, etc.

4. Syria

Russia Airstrike in Syria Killed People

Almost all people are well-known of the situation of Syria. The drainage of people from the country has been front-page news for months.  If many citizens of Syria is trying to escape the conditions of their country, it is possibly not a dwelling you want to be traveling. The situation in this country has worsened since the eruption of the civil war, and the constant fight has made a living in the region hazardous. But, some people may want to transportable this country to proposal humanitarian aid or to associate with relatives and guarantee they are safe.

5. India

India is the country which is celebrating 70 years of independence in 2017. It is too much time for the country establishment at the high level. Holi and Diwali are two probably big celebrations of India. What a pain that will be for travelers in India is the Indian food.

India still at the worst ranks and new this year, many countries are now warning beside travel there because of violence and insurrection concerns. Its top safety alarms include rape, grenades, acid attacks, bombings, shooting, and kidnapping.

6. Ukraine

Prymorsky Boulevard

Some places in Ukraine may be safe to travel including western region and the Kiev the capital city of Ukraine. The ongoing tensions in Donetsk and Crimea region have made travel more dangerous. In 2013, civil unrest broke out, moving the capital and other areas of the city.

The government of Ukraine responded, protesters in Crimea supposedly broke with the public and requested Russian provision. An armistice contract between the Ukrainian government and the insurgents created a dividing line between territories measured by either group, but clangs continue in Donetsk and Luhansk.