This amazing healthy Coolest igloo Christmas cake is just right as family Christmas treat. Garnish with cute homemade sugar paste penguins – looks too good to eat! Let’s know about its recipe.

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  • Basin-shaped fruit cake –
  • 3 tbsp apricot glaze or sieved apricot jam
  • 500-750g (1-1½lb) marzipan
  • 5kg (3lb) white sugar paste
  • Paste food coloring in Ice Blue, Liquorice, and Tangerine
  • CMC (also known as Tylose or Tylopur)
  • 1-2 tbsp royal icing
  • Small round cutter
  • 28cm (11in) round cake drum
  • Icing Smoother
  • 90 x 15mm (35 x 5/8in) white satin ribbon (optional), or white felt icicles
  • Double-sided sticky tape

The boundary of the cake drum can be decorated with some feeling, cut to look like icicles, as in our photo. Display the cake on a raised cake stand, or place the cake on an upturned bowl so that the icicles can hang down.

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  1. Trim the top of the cake and level, if it’s essential. Place the upturned cake slightly offset on the cake drum. Cover the cake with warm apricot glaze or jam, and marzipan, as shown in steps 1-3 of the “Classic Chic” cake. Roll out half of the white sugar paste and create strips about 2.5cm (1in) in width. Cut the strips in 3cm (1¾in) lengths for the bricks and stick to the cake with cooled, boiled water. As you move towards the top of the cake, make the bricks smaller. As you build up the brickwork, flatten the cake with the icing smoother. For the top of the cake, use the cutter to cut out a circle.
  2. Cover the cake drum with white sugar paste. For the igloo’s entrance, create several more bricks, curving them slightly to make an arch.
  3. To make the Penguins: Mix 1 tsp CMC in with 250g (8oz) white sugar paste. Make large teardrop shapes in white sugar paste for the adult penguins’ bodies and make smaller teardrop shapes in Ice Blue for the chicks’ bodies.Colour some sugar paste black with Licorice food coloring and some orange with Tangerine. Roll a ball for the head. The feet can be either orange or black, made from teardrop, shapes, attended, and then cut twice with sharp scissors. Make tiny cone shapes for the beaks, again in either black or orange. The flippers are made in either black or white and are little sausages, flattened. The eyes can be done by making tiny, oval shapes and crushing them. The chick’s mask is made in white and is a kidney shape of thin, rolled-out sugar paste.
  4. Position the Penguins and the chicks on and around the cake, securing them in place with royal icing.

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