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9 Reasons to Start Drinking Green Smoothies

Most of us don’t like to eat vegetables simple sometimes. If you are bored to eat simple salad for weight loss or just for fitness. Let us try these green smoothies which are best for you to make yourself more fit. Remember, just drink a…

Beverages, Cooking

15 Top Mixed Drinks with Vodka Recipes

Summer is too hot and everybody must in the mood for a vodka drink that is the final in refreshment. It is the best time to try a simple soda highball and vodka tonic takes top honors as the best-of-the-best in this category. Whether you…

Beverages, Cooking

5 Ways to Make a Healthy Burger

Burger is a very taste and favorite food for everyone. It is a staple food in many countries. Most of the burger are not classified as healthy, but if you make it in right ways and take in a healthy- balanced diet then it is…

Beverages, Cooking

Mango Margaritas Recipes

Today is Friday can you dig it? No, it’s too said, so it’s okay I know I can.  This weekend is entirely jam-packed with awesomeness, not just here but everywhere hot summer and holiday’s session with mango is on. They’re more just Maison d’êtres to…

Beverages, Cooking

Low Calories Summer Skinny Cocktails

Ahhh! Life is to Good, so that’s why we need to care it. We always want use an excellent or perfect thing for the drink or meals. Particularly in the summer season which we feel a need to drink something more as compare to other…