Cooking with Himalayan Salt Blocks

Himalayan Salt Gas Stove.

Pakistani Himalayan Pink Salt

Pakistani pink Himalayan salt is a very good food item that is available on this Earth. Contain 84 rich and pure minerals like calcium, sulfur, potassium, magnesium and many others. These crystals are good and essential for healthy life. Pakistani pink salt is pure and hottest item for gourmet cooking today. The world famous cooking is using this salt for cooking to enhance the flavor of their food.

The earlier ocean was evaporated by the sun in the past,  as a result, refine free from polluting, and toxic salt remains on the earth. With the passage of time, it turns into the Himalayan Mountains, as salt protected under the land that created with high heat and pressure. And nowadays many labors mined Himalayan salt mountain with hands to save its purity.

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Why should we use Himalayan salt blocks for cooking?

Hot Food Salt Tile

From recent research prove that Himalayan pink salt is 100 %pure natural and contain many healthy items and minerals that are superb for us. Many neurologist, cardiologist, dietitian, therapist, and researchers are using the salt lamp in their daily activity and cure many diseases.

Himalayan salt provides us salt plates, slabs, bricks that are using for cooking, grilling, baking sauteing and chilling. The interesting thing is that the food item directly cooked on the surface of the plate that provides food item all minerals and delicious flavor of salt. The food that cooks on the slab is very healthy for us.

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How to use Himalayan salt blocks for cooking?

After reading all benefits of salt, you also want to cook on the Himalayan salt block. To cook on the Himalayan salt plate is very easy and simple.

First of all, you should ensure that your salt block must be at least 1.5 inches thick. Perfect thickness of block is 2 inches. Now heat your slab.

How to use Himalayan salt blocks for gas stove

Put the salt block on the stove. Let the flame on very lowest point at the start. After 15 minutes when the block is hot enough then you can increase the flame. Before cooking the temperature of the block will be 500 F.

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How to use Himalayan salt blocks for an electric range:

If you are using an electric stove, then you should use a metal ring like a tart pan with pop out the bottom before putting the block on the stove. You should use salt blocks on lowest flame.

How to use Himalayan salt blocks for a grill

Put your salt block on the grate. If you are using the gas grill, then adjust the flame, but if you are using a charcoal grill, then you should put the coal on one side and put the tile on another side. Adjust the heat according to instruction until tile become hot.

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See Also

Precautions if you want to use Himalayan salt blocks

Cook Meet on Salt Plate

  • The heating salt block is most important part of cooking. When you heat the block on high flame, then some lines and creaks will appear on the salt blocks that will develop with the passage of time until the block break. But if you heat your block on low flame then it will have a long life.
  • When the block heat at least 500 F, then you can cook your desire items like a vegetable, fish, meat, sushi, the egg also uses for grilling. You can add little olive oil and some spice to enhance the flavor.
  • You should not add salt to your food when you cook on the salt slab.
  • You should use a metal spoon to turn over your ingredients.
  • For cold item: Freeze your Himalayan salt slab for 2 hours. When your block is fully cold, then you can put ice cream on it and enhance the flavor of ice cream, and it will not melt soon.
  • You can also use the salt block for serving things like a slice of apple, orange, cheese, butter, pickles dry meat and many other things.

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How to care Himalayan salt block

If you want to use Himalayan plate for a long ti

me then you should care for your neighborhood.

  • After cooking doesn’t touch the block soon because it cools down after a long time. It will take at least one hour to cool the block.
  • When the block is cool, then wash it with warm water and use a brush or green scrubby to clean the block.
  • Make it dry in a good way and store it in a dry place for future use.

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I have told you fascinating things for cooking…. have you ever use salt blocks for cooking or grilling, share you experience with us? If you have not used salt blocks for the kitchen, then use and share your experience with us. Thank you.

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