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Color Astrology: Dress yourself According to the Color of the Day

Color Astrology: Dress yourself According to the Color of the Day

Color Astrology: Dress yourself According to the Color of the Da

We live in a colorful world. If we think for a moment all the colors of the world are over; then the world will be colorless. A single thought of dull world disturbs the peace of mind. We always want to leave in a colorful world so most of the time we dream of colors. Colors are not only pleasant to eyes but also useful in our lives in many ways. Colors are also used in the treatment of many diseases through color therapy. Color Astrology is also played the significant role in our life. It helps us which color we want to wear on that day, time and events. Here I also write about the color astrology by day. You see here which color is suitable for you and which day. The color astrology according to each day is as follows.

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Astrologically, Sunday is the day of Sun. Sun indicates the soul of ego, empathy, energy, father, health, king, politics, honor, bravery and medical science. As a result, the Sunday wearing clothes of colors might be bright yellow, light red, pink and orange. It will be active in blessing you with all the things mentioned above. The jewelry should be used with pink stones or raised color stones, like Ruby, garnets and blood stones necklace and bracelet also.Libra Compatibility


Monday is the day of Moon. Moon indicates the soul of respect, interest, sleep, mother, power, travels, happiness, wealth, and water. For the benefits times, events and things you are advised to wear the clothes of white, silver, light blue and other complementary shades of colors with silver stone jeweler like pearl jeweler.

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Tuesday is the day of ruling planet of Mars. It indicates the Jupiter signifies power, bravery, courage, younger brother, land movable property, and competition. The best-wearing dresses color for Tuesday is red and orange colors with red shades jeweler embedded with coral. It will be auspicious for you.


Scorpio Child HoroscopeIt is the day of Mercury – it indicates the soul of intelligence, studies, precious stones, studies, eloquent, logical reasoning, maternal uncle, friends, and examination. It also signifies that a person can indirectly be related to politics. For the best result wear the green color from all these moments which drive the benefits. The green color dress is very attractive with green stone jewelers like Emerald, Zade, and Peridot.

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Thursday is the day of ruling planet Jupiter. Jupiter indicates the soul of wisdom, intelligence, teaching, philosophical outlook, muscular body, teacher, wealth, bank, son, mentor and spiritual place. With the lucky thing of Jupiter, a person also gets disposed to religious activities and narrates scriptures. Wear yellow and golden colors dresses with the yellow stone jeweler.


Friday is the day of planet-exalt Venus. It is the implication of wife or husband, love, marriage, sex, music, relationship, poetry, perfume, luxury, teamwork, decoration of home, white color, beauty, vehicle and many others things which are related to happiness. For the satisfaction and achieving all the above things, you must wear pink, off white and white colored dresses with Opal, Diamond, Aquamarine and Zircon Jewellery.Libra Child Horoscope

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It is the day of ruling planet of Saturn. It is the implication of disease, death crisis, age, insult, unethical, non-religious deeds, foreign language, poverty, science, agriculture business, iron, technology studies, service man, oil, joint pain, cruel acts, greed, rudeness, and robbery. Due to the effect of Saturn people go to the jail and hospital. For avoiding the malefic effects of Saturn wear the black and navy blue color dresses with blue stones jewelry like blue sapphire, sodalite, and black, purple stones Amethyst.

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