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How to Clean the Grossest Kitchen Spots

How to Clean the Grossest Kitchen Spots

In every household the kitchen is a pivotal part of the home – there we spent time with our families, with our friends, we prepare lunches and dinners, we have breakfast and coffee. Overall, the traffic there is high, and it leads to a significant number of debris, grime, dust, etc. all over the kitchen.
And of course, everyone knows that it is imperative to clean their kitchen regularly, but few people know that there are a few places in the kitchen that need a more serious cleaning and more often than they get it.

Sink and the Drain

Cleaning Up The Kitchen

One such place that is also imperative to clean is your sink and the drain because they get quite a lot of grime and dirt on a daily basis. Soap scum, grease, food slime, etc. daily cover your sink and trough the drain, and if they are not cleaned regularly and appropriately, they can become the home of a lot of bacteria.
The sink is the dirtiest spot in your kitchen but luckily for you and everyone else they are very easy to clean. Use vinegar or a store-bought disinfectant to clean your sink and drain, add a mild abrasive to the sink and scrub all grime away. Use vinegar to clean the entire sink and rinse the drain, leaving them clean and safe. Do this every night after washing the dishes and before going to bed.

Kitchen Appliance

Clean Kitchen

Another foul spot in your kitchen is under and behind every big kitchen appliance. Those places are never cleaned, and they accumulate all dust and debris that are flying in the air and are on the ground. Dust, cobwebs, insects and debris can collect under and behind the appliances and can be hazardous to your health and can also cause problems with your machines. Include sweeping behind and under appliances at least once or twice a month.
Clean and disinfect the counter top. It is what you use to prepare your food on. Wiping it with a rag is not always enough to get it clean. Studio flat cleaning NW5 says you need to clean and disinfect your kitchen counter before and after every time you use it to prepare raw meat on it. Some bacteria can be hazardous if you put the raw meat on a dirty counter or if you do not clean the table afterward.

Pantry and Cabinets

Where you store packets of food are where you can give problems. Crumbs, dust, and cobwebs are only a part of the problems that you could have. The open packages of cereal or cookies can attract bugs, etc. Do a weekly wiping off the inside of the pantry and cabinets and throw out food that is no longer good to eat.

Knobs and Stove Grates

French Country Style Kitchen

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They get greasy and grimy without you even knowing when. The constant touching of buttons and spills on stove grates can turn them into dirty and oily spots in your kitchen. They will not only be unsanitary to use, but they also make your kitchen look dirty. Remove the knobs and grates if possible and soak them in a solution of soapy lukewarm water and degreaser and scrub them with a brush.

The Garbage Can

This is of course, also one of the dirtiest places in your kitchen – it is after all for all waste products, and dirt and bacteria always find a way to spread. Make a weekly chore of yours to take care of your garbage can. Once a week or two weeks when you empty you can spray the inside of the sides and the lid with a disinfectant and rinse or let air -dry, whichever the label says.
These are the key dirtiest spots in every kitchen, and you would do good to your household and your family if you start paying more attention to them.

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