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How To Choose Best Nail Polish Color

How To Choose Best Nail Polish Color

How To Choose Best Nail Polish Color?

Beautiful hands are the love of every girl. If these beautiful hands have pretty nails, they look even more charming. Who do not want to decor her beautiful nails with different and fantastic nail polishes? Nobody!

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What is a Nail Polish?

Nail Polish is varnish applied to the fingernails or toenails to color them or make them shiny. They are available in different colors and can be implemented in variable ways.

Guidance Regarding Choosing Nail Color

Beautiful Nail Polish

Girls sometimes select the color that does not suit their skin tone. It is imperative to have knowledge about which color suit you the best. Here, I have mentioned some shades of nail polishes to help you learn which color suit the best.

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Take off Your Hands And Nails

It is crucial that you protect your hand and nail from any damage. Make sure you nourish them properly. The mentioned below tips will help you keep your hands and nails beautiful:

  • Maintain a safe and healthy diet. Add calcium to your diet as it provides health to your nails. They look pink and healthy.
  • Apply lemon on your nails. Whenever you use, wait until it dries out. Afterward, wash it.
  • Apply cream twice on your hands as it keeps them softness and glow. Beautiful hands in return make your nails look lovely.

How to Apply Nail Polish?

Beautiful Nail Polish

There are different methods of applying nail polish. Now, you can implement it in various artist ways which are known in nail art. Prefer the nail polishes with the long and thin brush. It will help you to use the color to the nail.

Whenever you learn a new technique of using nail polish is to try it on your friend’s nails. It helps you to determine more accurately. Another compelling way to learn the nail art is to use your imaginations.

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Color According To Your Skin Tone

After determining your skin tone, pick any of the colors in the list or familiar to them in available in the market. Here, I have mentioned some colors with the complexion so that you may know whether that color is for you or not.

Beautiful Nail Polish

Fair Complexion

  • In Classic, opt for Violets, Burgundy, Ruby Reds, Black, Plums, White, Pale Pink and like these
  • In Original opt for Silver, Orange, Navy, Pale Green, Teal and like these

Tan Complexion

  • In Classic, opt for Pale Pink, Deep Pink, Gray and like these
  • In Original opt for Golden Tones, Shiny Key Lime, Teal, Dark Brown and like these

Beautiful Nail Polish

Medium Complexion

  • In Classic, choose for Nude with pink tints, Very Light Purple, White, Nude and like these
  • In Original opt for Porcelain, Light Blue and like these

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Deep Complexion

  • In Classic, choose for Nude, Primrose, French, Light Purple, Light or Pale Pinks and like these
  • In Original opt for Shiny Key Lime, Indigo and like these

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