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Charlie Chaplin – Legend of the Film history

Charlie Chaplin – Legend of the Film history

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin full named “Charles Spencer Chaplin” was the greatest Hollywood actor, comedian, Composer and filmmaker who was very fame in the silent era. Chaplin was belonging to poor British family and born in London the heart of England, on April 16th, 1889. His years of service were  1899–1976

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Chaplin Childhood

In his childhood, Chaplin father had no sufficient support of income to support their family causing Chaplin started working as a worker twice when he was seven years of age. His father named Charles Chaplin was great vocalist and actor and mother Hannah Chaplin with the stage name of Lily Harley was an actress and singer both spend their whole lives in Hollywood film industry.

When he reached the age of 10, his father died very soon and passed away from his life. His mother already left his father when Charlie was only one year of age and marriage relationship did not last long both have separated to each other. After the absent of his father, Charlie childhood in London was completely by hardship and poverty and grew up own his resources.

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Basic Facts About Charlie

  • Completed name: Charles Spencer Chaplin
  • Known As Charlie Chaplin
  • Occupation: Hollywood Actor, Film Comedian, Filmmaker and Film Composer
  • Bron: 16 April 1889
  • Died: 25 December 1977
  • Place of birth: London England
  • Education: Charitable schools
  • Citizenship: British

Charlie and Jack Lemmon in 1972 ,Chaplin receiving Honorary Academy Award in USA

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Film Career History

Without having the support of his father and mother Chaplin want to do something in life. He started his career in Hollywood film industry as an actor at the age of fourteen. Charlie left London and went to the US for bright of his future. After arrived the US first time, Chaplin joined the company named Karno in 1913 and signed the first film called ”Making a Living” it was debut film, which was released 2 February 1914 and made his first appearance to the public for which he is most famous one.

Chaplin signed 35 more Hollywood comedies movies over the next year. Then he left Karno and agreed to join another company named Essanay they agreed to pay Chaplin 1250 US dollar per week.

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Charlie Chaplin Childhood Picture

Chaplin appeared more than 100 films in his life out of which following are the main are given below:   

Chaplin and His Wife O'Neil at Amsterdam Airport , Netherland
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Married Life of Chaplin

Chaplin and His Wife Pauleete Goddard

Chaplin had four wives in his life .Charlie Chaplin first turn the relationship into married in 1918 when he married to Mildred Harris. This relationship only stayed for three days and beautiful couple divorced in 1920. After divorced form Mildred Harris he got second married in 1924 to Lita Grey (1908-1995) who was an also an English American actress .This relationship also did not last long and divorced in 1927 at the end of the court decision.

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Chaplin’s third married to Paulette Goddard (1911-1990) and got divorced on June 4, 1942 and then he thought that looking for another beautiful lady to replace Paulette Goddard. Then Oona O’Neill came to his life who was last wife till his death .They married in 1943 and both found good soul mates at each other. They met each other when Chaplin was in a film shooting named “shadow and substance” during 1942. Oona O’Neill totally supported Charlie when he was struck in court case in 1940. Chaplin result in eight children’s from this wife Oona and of all his wives it was the best marriage in his life.

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Awards Achievements of Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin received many recognition Hollywood awards for the service to film industry which are given below:

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Final Year of Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin and His Wife O'Neil After Marriage

On Christmas day, 25 December, 1977 the king and most favorite comedian film star of the world Charlie Chaplin died in Switzerland at the age of 88 from the natural death. When Chaplin died, he was in at home along with his wife Oona and his children’s. Chaplin had 12 children at the time of death. Eight of those form his last marriage. Unfortunately the Chaplin body was stolen by two persons who they did demand money for its return after that they successfully arrested and death body was completely buried after 11 weeks later near Geneva Lake in Switzerland.

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