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Chandelier The Charm Of A House

Chandelier The Charm Of A House

Chandeliers - Ornaments

No doubt, chandeliers are a beautiful addition to the charm of room but what trick is to know with which size they look perfect at what height? I have mentioned below all the essentials that you need to know when decorating these gorgeous light fixtures.

Size of the Chandelier

Do make yourself sure about the size of chandelier you required. A universal rule that is applied everywhere is to count the dimensions of the room and add them. Convert the answer into inches which should be equal to the diameter of the fixture.

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Dining Room

Chandeliers - Ornaments

Do not make it a necessary to follow the rule mentioned above in the dining rooms. The diameter of a chandelier in the dining room should be about one half to two-thirds of the width of the table and less than a foot to the width of the table at its widest point.
Do hang a chandelier in the dining room at a distance of about 30″ to 36″ Hugefrom the tabletMassive


Do prefer bigger lights rather than smaller in a dining room as it looks more attractive. If the fixtures look too overwhelming, hang them near the ceiling to avoid its heavy look in the chamber.

Appropriate Distance

Chandeliers - Ornaments

Do not hang chandeliers closer that four feet to any wall if possible. Sometimes, it is not feasible when hung in small rooms, but it should not be attached closer to any wall with distance less than forty-eight inches especially to the furniture such as cabinet or sideboard.

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Accurate Height

Chandeliers - Ornaments

Do hang the chandeliers low enough that they provide sufficient light to the desired area. Remember! Not to hang so low that they anybody get their head bumped against it.

Do not hang heavy-looking chandeliers too close to the table. Ornate chandeliers take a lot of visual space. So its OK to break the rules in this condition and hang them a little higher than the average standard.

Entryway Chandeliers

Do hang entryway chandeliers at the height of about 7′ from the floor to keep the people safe from hitting the heads to it.

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Two-Story Entryway

Chandeliers - Ornaments

Do not hang a fixture in a way that it hangs low enough the second floor that it comes in the way of a two-story entryway.

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Large Rooms

Do not force yourself to hang a single massive chandelier in a colossal chamber, in fact, choose slightly smaller but two lights for that chamber.

Different Rooms

Chandeliers - Ornaments

Do prefer to hang chandeliers in other rooms as well apart from the dining chambers. They look fantastic in other rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and even home offices.

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Experimentations with Styles

Do experiment with styles and its decorations. Like, try a modern chandelier in a room full of antiques or vice versa.

Use of Dimmer Switches

Do install some dimmer switches on all of the chandeliers you decorate in your house. They offer a more flattering light and creating a beautiful ambiance.

I hope these ideas and tips will be useful for you the next time you place a chandelier anywhere in your house. Best of Luck!

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