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Celebrities Who Faced Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a sordid and sad reality, which some people shy away to share it. But domestic violence cases is a nightmare which is seeped into actuality. Different celebrities who faced domestic violence and also share their cases. Chef Nigella Lawson choked by her…

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Celebrity Deaths In 2017

Some most famous and well-known Hollywood celebrities like musician, actors, icons, and many other notable people had to say goodbye to this year. Here is a list of some celebrity deaths in 2017. Scroll down and see the information about the celebrity deaths and celebrity…

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10 Young Famous Singers under 21 in 2017

The annual ranking list of the young famous singers, which are under 21, regardless of genre contains heart-on-sleeve troubadours. A big-tent electronic producers, occult girl singers talented 12-year-old and the next big Latin boy band.  Over the course of their comparatively short careers, these artists…

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15 Famous Hollywood Scandals

We have heard different news about the Hollywood celebrities and one of them their scandals. As Hollywood returns on the movies, TV, and other industry developments, it’s also worth looking back at the hottest, thought-piece-provoking, famous Hollywood scandalous news of the year. The list below…

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Best Red Carpet Dresses 2017

The film industry stars are arriving for the 89th Academy Awards with Jimmy Kimmel serving to host. The night of Oscar awards is all about the celebrating the best in the film industry, the red carpet dresses 2017 often take center stage. Red Carpet influx…

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List of Pop Singers

Pop singers attained in the music industry and hurled to great fame and left a supreme inheritance in music. A list of pop singers is also part of pop music (traditional music) and sings in various types of country, dance, and most influential rock and…