Celebrities Who Faced Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a sordid and sad reality, which some people shy away to share it. But domestic violence cases is a nightmare which is seeped into actuality. Different celebrities who faced domestic violence and also share their cases. Chef Nigella Lawson choked by her husband who made the internet sizzle with emotion. She is not the only celebrity to handle and physically abused by their partner. Famous domestic violence cases are not only physical violence; it includes all form of violence like emotional, physical, economic, verbal, and sexual abuse too. Here are some celebrities they are no different than us. Below is a poll of celebrities who have shared domestic violence.

Celebrities Who Faced Domestic Violence

1- Robin Givens

Robin Givens Domestic Violence

In 2014, Ray Rice abusing his fiancee in an elevator, Robin Givens opened up about her cognitive content in an op-ed for Time. Robin who suffered abuse during her marriage to Mike Tyson wrote:

“Today we are in world where we are far more connected and involved in each other’s lives thanks to social media. Women who are abused can see they’re not alone. I only left my marriage when I felt like I was going to die physically or die emotionally. It’s just amazing what becomes your normal. One day you wake up with a knife at your throat. Another day, your shoes are all torn up. But I did leave and I didn’t take one dime from my husband. As, I left my house, and I even left my underwear. I just wanted my life. I was very confident that I could make my way on my own. And I did.”

2- Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron is a beautiful Hollywood celebrity who spent her childhood with an alcoholic and abusive father. He endangered to kill her and her mother. When she was 15-year-old, he shot her mother, Gerda, and she killed her father in self-defense.

3- RihannaRihanna at Met Gala

Rihanna and Chris Brown manifestly can’t be without each other. So we can’t say all is well in their love story. In reality, she also riddled with violence. Chris apologizes at fault in June 2009 to Engagement Rihanna in February of 2009. But surprisingly, Rihanna not only discovered to Oprah that she still ‘feels protective’ of Brown at times but also got rear together with him. After a long time break up couple made a very public and cozy appearance together at the Grammy’s 2013.

4- Aishwarya Rai

Domestic Violence

She is a Bollywood celebrity, and also one-time Miss World has not been sparring as well. Aishwarya Rai was also a victim of domestic violence when she was in the relationship with Bollywood macho man Salman Khan. After that, she broke up with him. She talked about him and said Salman was an alcoholic man and his abuse when he was drunk.

5- Pamela Anderson

Beautiful Hairstyle

Pamela was also a victim of abuse of her Husband, singer Tommy Leewho later admitted to the charges. Tommy received a 3-year suspended prison sentence. He was obliged to spend 180 days in jail and ordered to pay a total of $6,200 to a shelter for damaged women. After this incident, she filed for divorce.

6- Whitney Houston

Whitney was a real pop icon. She was married to Bobby Brown resulted in a lot of tragedies, one of which was a history of abuse. Bobby was caught in 2003 due to the domestic violence, but she doesn’t away from her husband. Later released a statement that read:

“Bobby Brown is very apologetic about what happened and hoes his wife forgives him.”

The couple divorced in 2007.

7- Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown Domestic Violence

In 1994, Nicole Brown was found murdered at own home, and the suspicion fell on her ex-husband O.J. Simpson. He was at long last guiltless of Nicole’s murder. So, no one could deny that domestic violence has damaged her life.

8- La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson Domestic Violence

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Her husband and manager Jack Gorden, in reality, beat her up and night her for dead. The couple divorced in 1997, after that when La Toya’s communication to other women since has been:

“If he hits you once, I promise you he will hit you again, so please walk away, please.”

9- Keke Wyatt

Keke Wyatt Domestic Violence

Keke Wyatt singer spoke in her interview 2012 about her experience in an abusive relationship and harmful her ex-husband in self-defense.

“People won’t understand until they walk in my shoes. I felt so bad for what I did, but I could not let it consume me. It was my faith in God and my family that helped me through this. Those are the people that really know what happened and they don’t judge me.”

10- Tina Turner

Tina Turner Domestic Violence

Tina abuse at the hands of Ike Turner is famous in Hollywood and 2005 she talked frankly with Oprah about the abuse she faced:

“He liked to show the public that he was in control and that he was a woman hater. He also liked for his women to get up and walk across the floor for display so that other men could see what he had. I didn’t know how to get out of the whole situation. There were many times when I picked up the gun when he was sleeping.”

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