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Horoscope, Leo, Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope

General overview of Leo Indeed, you did love to thinking about your family and your love life also – but this week is your career week your all thoughts are on your career success. Nothing is impossible, and you have some vague ideas about what…

Horoscope, Horoscope as a Child, Leo

The Leo Child

Every astrologist says that about Leo child, you are the king of the jungle and like life with full enjoyment. It is said that the Leo child is a typical lion cub, is happy, outgoing, smiley and energetic. When they born they know, they are…

Horoscope, Horoscope as a Father, Leo

Leo Man as a Father

By nature Leo father is very satisfied, benevolent and majestic – he is a personification of promise, power and compassionate. In matters of fatherhood, he has a behavior that is one of significance and separate compassion. When he becomes a father, he is very appreciative…

Horoscope, Leo

Leo Woman

Leo woman is not the wallflower; she is a bright, bold sunflower. Usually, Leo woman horoscope is very famous female, and people are just drawn to her and her bright personality. As you pay out more time with Leo in bed -room, he will begin to…

Horoscope, Leo

Leo Career

Leo career horoscope indicates that Leo-born natives are very energetic, dynamic, creative, cruel, dominating and self-completed person who can’t be said and do well in jobs of power and authority. They continuously need to have their endeavors recognized in public. The Leo career aspires for…

Horoscope, Leo

Leo Man

Leo man belonging to the fire element, he doesn’t like to be alone. He is a very famous personality with his excellent and charming sense of humor. Leo is a dramatic sign with some fundamental contrasts. Overall Leo man is straightforward and very particular people….

Horoscope, Leo

Leo Horoscope

According to Leo Horoscope Astrology, Leo individuals are born under the dates from 21st July to 20th August, it is 5th Zodiac Sign, and Leos symbol is, “The Lion”. Leo personality is self-confident, dynamic and highly dramatic. They are very helpful and extremely generous. Leo…