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Bridal Makeup Tips for Summer

BRIDAL MAKEUP Bridal makeup is a very hard stuff especially in summer when a bride wants to look beautiful and fresh for the whole day under the full burning sun. Here are some Bridal Makeup Tips for Summer and how to get look staying clean and…

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How to wear pastel makeup

PASTEL MAKEUP Pastel makeup is a modern makeup, and it’s so pretty as well. Pastel makeup gives extra sweetness of shimmer and gloss. Quite often stunning and sassy appears are connected with bling-bling shimmery shades; however it looks like there are improved alternatives significance wearing….

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Beautiful Pastel makeup for summer

PASTEL MAKEUP Pastel makeup is so much interesting and pretty. But also an edgy? Not an option. But now people left behind the sweetness of shimmer and gloss. And applying new matte shades against golden skin. Suddenly this look became a whole lot sexier and…

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The Sexiest 5-Minute Makeup Looks

MAKEUP If you want an up to date, beautiful and elegant look before going to party or office for quickly. These seven makeup thoughts will find you stunning, sultry and sexy—in 5 minute makeup time. 1. Slightly smudged Eyeliner is the critical part of the makeup….

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The Ultimate Matte Lipsticks

MATTE LIPSTICKS Matte Lipsticks are extremely pigmented, luxuriantly formulated and long-wearing. The formula glides on efficiently and continues put through a non-drying matte end.” Each day the editors of Wear and Cheer Beauty are sharing one remarkable product we sense should be on your mind. From…

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Be a Bronze Goddess this Summer

BRONZE This is ideal for the summer or to provide you a reliable sun-kissed seem during winter. Makeup artist, as well as fashion blogger Negin Mirsalehi, has worn shades of gold, copper, beige plus Bronze to contour and compliment the face. Offer yourself a wonderful,…

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Lip Liner Tricks

LIP LINER We’re not here to spot fingers, but above the past numerous years, it appears someone has been bad-mouthing an attempted and actual friend of ours: lip liner. Fine, we’re here to put all the reports to rest. The fact is the notion that…

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How To Get The Perfect Red Lips

You’ve observed all the stars have on it, as of Gwen Stefani to Katy Perry plus Angelina Jolie. We’re talking regarding the unusual red lip that doesn’t lighten and seems polished. When concerning such a bold color, it’s very simple to create mistakes. Red lipstick…