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Can Breast Implants Further Enhance Breast Lift Results?

Can Breast Implants Further Enhance Breast Lift Results?

Enhance Breast Lift

For breast augmentation surgery you go through the process of getting the implants placed under the breast tissues or beneath the breasts under the chest muscles. While the implant can be a soft silicone shell filled with saline solution or silicone gel. Breast implants give a fuller look with an increase in cup size.

Implants are positioned in the bottom crease of the breast, along the lower edge of the areola, or in the armpit. The implant gets inserted through the incision and placed accordingly. The majority of the surgeons favor placing the implants under the chest muscle as it reduces the chances of capsular contracture. Once the implant has been positioned and placed, the incision is closed off with stitches. How to breast implants further enhance breast lift.

A breast lift is a process of raising the drooping breasts, remove the sagging, or for elevating the nipple. Breast lift surgery can go along with breast augmentation. In this procedure, the excess skin from the bottom of the breast and the area around the areola is removed. The skin that remains is then brought together to tighten and raise the breast.

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Breast lift incision is larger than the one for breast augmentation. The incision starts from the areola down to the bottom of the breast, at the crease where the breast meets the chest. A breast lift is a life changing process for many women who lack the firmness of breasts due to weight loss, age factor, after childbirth, or other reasons included.

For women who lack the fullness of breasts and also have saggy breasts, Breast Implants in Atlanta is the perfect solution. Dr. Crispin at Crispin Plastic Surgery Center offers this excellent solution of combining both the procedures, getting them done one after the other, or choosing between the two to have the firm and sexy looking breasts.

When should You Consider Combo?

When should You Consider Combo

Women who have had children are the best choice for a combination of the two processes. The breast loses its shape after pregnancy and stretches, and this is when the firmness is needed back. When you want to reshape your breast, want firmness, and want a better size.

Nonetheless, any women who want volume enhancement, and reduction of breast sag can have a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift. For both the procedures in conjunction, you need an overnight stay at the hospital, and you will be ready to home. The precautions and guidelines will need a strict follow up as you will be going through two surgeries at the same time.

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Breast sagging is majorly caused by excess skin and little breast tissue. The women who have gone through pregnancies and weight loss cycles, their breast ligaments may also be stretched. In such cases, the breast implant alone diminishes breast sagging.

Breast sagging also varies in types. Breast tissue descending the chest is a very normal part of aging process. This can be a result of different reasons such as weight gain, pregnancy, smoking, dehydration, etc. Accordingly, breast sagging varies and is treated as per an appropriate method.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery have various techniques now vary individual to individual. Not every woman are alike and nor her changes in breasts. Therefore, your surgeon is the best guide for deciding on the procedure that suits your body type.

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