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Avoid Pre Diabetes with Small Changes to Your Diet

Avoid Pre Diabetes with Small Changes to Your Diet

Diabetes is the worldwide that disease that affects all kinds and all age of people. But You can avoid pre diabetes with small changes to Your diet. From recent research, it is proved that at least 11.5 million people in the America are at high risk of diabetes. And every third person is pre-diabetic, it’s very alarming situation because every kind of young people, kids and adult are all at higher risk of developing diabetes.

What is pre-diabetes

Pre-diabetes is an alarming situation for you because if you are pre-diabetes then its means you are at the high risk of getting diabetes. You will get high blood sugar level very soon but if you care about yourself then can prevent yourself from getting diabetes. Well, you are thinking about what is pre-diabetes? Pre-diabetes means your blood sugar level is high then normal but not as high as in diabetes. Your blood pressure and cholesterol level are also high, that mean you are at high risk of getting cardiovascular  disease like heart stork and heart attack

If you are at pre-diabetes, then don’t  worry and take tension. You can control on you pre-diabetes easily with these simple changing in your life.

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Check your weight

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If you are overweight or obsessed then you should control your weight, that not mean you have to lose many pounds. If you’re wasting 5 to 10 pounds, then you can reduce your risk of pre-diabetes. If you’re wasting 1 kilogram of your weight, then that mean you reduce 16 percent of getting type 2 diabetes.

  • If you are women you waste must not be above than 31.5 inches (80 cm)
  • If you are man, then your waste must not be above 37 inches(94 cm)


  • Exercise is very necessary if you want to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Do exercise that can lose your weight.
  • Walk daily early in the morning at least for 20 to 30  minutes.

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Healthy food

Choose Healthy Diet

  • Choose a healthy diet plan and avoid all type of junk and bad food.
  • Don’t try to avoid any healthy food infect eat fresh fruits, vegetables and beans.

Check yourself

  •  Have you reduced your weight?
  • Have you reduce or avoid junk food and saturated fat?
  • Have you walk daily?
  • Have you added healthy food like nuts, fish, salads, egg, fruits and vegetables in your diet?
  • Have you avoided the use of white sugar?

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I have defined simple ways to reduce the chance of getting type 2 diabetes. If you likes these changes or these changing gives you any benefit then share your experience with us. Also, if you have any good suggestion related to type 2 diabetes then must share with us.

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