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Can a Romantic Relationship Function Healthily Without Mutual Respect?

Can a Romantic Relationship Function Healthily Without Mutual Respect?

Many people think that respect is not the most essential thing in relationships. But a lot of marriages ruin precisely because people cease to respect each other. Weakness, impetuosity, and infantilism of people don’t cause a feeling of respect. The lack of respect for each other is one of the destructive problems in relationships. Actually, people start relationships because they love each other, but almost none of them think of respect. But accurately connection helps keep the love for many years. And it doesn’t matter at what stage you are now. You always have a chance to strengthen your relationship, even if you are dating your best friends and also become happier next to your loved one.

Relationships are rarely cloudless. In conflicts, quarrels, and even in everyday communication, both men and women often become personal. And they suffer from this more than from the presence of some problem. Disrespect for the partner destroys the sense of self-worth, and with it, love that once connected you. Relations, in which one or both partners don’t feel respected, are full of pain and suffering. Of course, at the same time, they can persist for years, but this is hardly what they dreamed about. Even the sages said that love can’t exist without respect.

How to understand that your relationships are healthy and you are respected?

  1. You can see and accept your loved ones as they are. This means that partners don’t actively try to change each other, don’t build expectations, and are not offended by the personal characteristics of loved ones.
  2. You show a careful and caring attitude.
  3. The psychology of relationships between people who respect each other is distinguished by “withstanding,” the partner’s strong feelings. Close people can get angry at each other, raise their voices, even say unpleasant things; however, each of them is sure that, after this, the quarrel will not worsen the relationship.
  4. There is a lack of rush in a relationship. This means that when faced with suspicion or doubt, a person checks the information many times and, first of all, asks the partner about it.
  5. You take into account the opposite opinion.
  6. There is a lack of neglect.
  7. You think not only about yourself but also about your loved one.

Respect in relationships: who is to blame and what to do?

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What determines respect in a relationship? There are two people in the relationship: you and your partner. If you are respectful, considerate of yourself, if you know how to appreciate yourself, see your own unique traits and characteristics, are ready to show it outside, and protect yourself, most likely, respect in relationships is not a problem for you. And what if everything is just the opposite? What if you show little of yourself in everyday life? What if you don’t have the strength to express your point of view, your true feelings (or there is no feeling that you have the right to do this in interpersonal relationships)? Is it hard for you to show that you don’t need to be treated disrespectfully, and you won’t let anyone do this? Then, probably, it is not easy for you with yourself, and disrespect is a task that you still have to solve. But it is worth it: respect in relationships is the path to harmony and love.

Be sure to remind the partner that you are very satisfied with the relationship. If you follow simple guidelines, your relationship will definitely get better. The main thing is to apply it in practice. Be sure to enjoy the process and rejoice the changes that will lead you to a happier life with your loved one.

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