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How to Buy Bed Sheets

How to Buy Bed Sheets

Before You Buy Bed Sheets

There are a lot of bed sheets available in the market for you to choose. There is a vast collection that catches your eye and appeals you. Before this, all bed sheets were just available in white cotton. This enormous collection gives you a chance to add colors, attraction, patterns and style to you bedroom.

Here, I have mentioned few tricks and tricks to go for the best bed sheet for your bed and increase the charm of your room.

Bed Sheets

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Measurement Of Your Bed

There is not any appropriate or exact measurements of any bed like Queen, King or Twin. They all just give the approximate measurements. There are always variations that depend on its maker. Make yourself sure about the measurements of the bed before going for the shopping. Measure all the dimensions carefully like from top to bottom, from one side to the other, and the proper thickness of your mattress. They differ in the width and length which makes a huge difference. Also, make yourself sure about that what you kind of bed sheet you need from the market.

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Choose Your Store

Bed Sheets

Different stores have its collection of bed sheets. They may carry the both; name-brands and house-brands or anyone of it. They all differ in colors, prices, quality, and patterns. You might have a store of your choice to shop, or you may prefer on-line shopping with a vast collection of bed sheet lined up there for you to choose. They may be simply printed with beautiful patterns and designs or maybe they have embroidered bed sheets. All you need is to be specific about your need for bed sheet whether it’s a store nearby or on-line shopping.

Most of you who go for shopping regularly for interiors may have the idea of thread count. If you are unaware of it, let me help you know that. When you go shopping for a bed sheet, you are mentioned to the thread count of the sheet. It refers to the number of the threads used per square inch according to the both sides in the weave. The soft feel that a sheet gives you has depended upon its thread count. The more it is, the more comfortable and soothing it is. We will ask you to go for the thread count of 175 to 250. You must not go below it but can prefer more than this.

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Choosing The Texture

Well, a very common phenomenon, choose the best you can according to your budget as you will at least spend eight hours of your day on it. Choosing the bed sheet according to the texture is not a big deal if you know the basics of it. Like go cotton the greatest fabric but non-wrinkled cotton blends are also preferable by some of the people. In cold winters, choose flannel as it is appropriate. For some luxurious look and feeling, go for silk, microfiber or satin. Buy some pillowcases in different styles and designs and check them that whether they suit your need or not, how they feel to sleep on and are they easy to wash? When you are satisfied with the complete package they offer, buy it.

Check The Sheet Measurements

Bed Sheets

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The next very step is to choose the bed sheet of the exact size. Make sure it covers your bed to the extreme extent you want it to cover. One primary point you should keep in your mind before buying a bed sheet is that almost all the bed sheets we buy, shrink on its first wash to 7% of its original size.

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Buy More Bed Sheets Than You Need

The important thing in our life is our time. Try to consume your time entirely. Prefer buying two to three-bed sheets when you go out for shopping as it will save your time for an extended period. Nobody wants to repeat the complete process each time they go so I will suggest you buying more than one for you each time you go if you can afford. The best part of the purchase of a supplementary bed sheet is that that you will have a bed sheet to trade off with if you spill anything on the bed sheet you are using.

Check The Laundering Instructions

Make it your habit to read the instructions given related to its washing process. Silk sheets look luxurious and beautiful, but they need to dry cleaned each time you want them to be washed. Make sure that you can follow the laundering instructions recommended by its manufacturer. If you do so, the bed sheet will remain in its perfect condition for a long time. Do not force yourself to go for the bed sheets you cannot take care of. I hope this article will be helpful for you the next time you go shopping. All The Best!!!

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